Sohail Anwar’s Excel materials, information and publications have been read by tens of thousands of Professionals across the world; and now… he makes available his exciting breakthrough CAREER MAKING Excel strategies that can catapult you into the top of your profession... FAST...

The Best Excel Skills Training for Professionals. Period. Nothing Else Even Comes Close. You Will Get More of Your Work Done Faster, With Less Hassle, Saves You Massive Time and Turns You into an In Demand Professional… Almost Overnight

Sohail Anwar: Author,
6-Figure a Year Excel Professional Earner

(And Preeminent Instructor of Specific Excel Skills in The Market Place to Create Scores of Respected, High Value, High Earning Excel Professionals.)

Dear Professional, (or Aspiring Professional)

That's quite a bold statement, right? I'll tell you why I can make such bold statements.

I’m Sohail Anwar and in a few moments, I’m going to share with you how you can create breakthrough results in your professional work using the power of a few Excel strategies you don’t yet know about… strategies that has taken me from earning £27k in my first Analyst job, to now earning just shy of £200k ($300K) a year… and has helped students of mine to triple their income.

And let me be blunt and straightforward; there’s no question about it that I and my students have Excel to thank for the steep rise up the income and career ladder.

Picture this;You and your colleagues have been given multiple projects to deal with.

And before you know it, whilst your colleagues are burying their heads in their work, trying to make sense of it all, you’re coolly looking at the tasks to be done and… with a few clicks… Bish, Bosh BAM!… you’ve solved something in a few hours whilst your colleagues are left speechless and dumbfounded, wondering what on earth has just happened!It’s not magic, though… it’ll feel magical, almost mystical, to others.

And that’s because they don’t know what you’re about to find out.

Take It From Someone Who Has Worked With Excel For Well Over 10 Years, The #1 Reason To Improve Your Excel skills Is To Get More Done in A Fraction of The Time It Used to Take You

You’re a skilled professional in a respected role - whether an Analyst, Controller, Accountant, PMO, Banking & Finance Professional or a Project Manager - you’ve earned your place at the table.

Yet, if you truly want to gain a powerful understanding of Excel that’ll help ramp up your productivity levels so you can complete your work way ahead of time, take on new projects, accept higher responsibilities… and… be a more valuable and marketable professional than ever before… then I can tell you that what you’re about to find out are pivotal Excel strategies and insights your seniors will rather you didn’t know about.

And why would that be?Because they’ll be fearful you’ll soon be knocking on the door… for their job!

Trust me; soon you’ll wield such unusual Excel power because of what you know that your seniors will internally get that uneasy sense that it’ll only be a matter of time that you either go hunting for their jobs… or… because you’ve become so valuable and marketable, that a much higher paying role is just around the corner for you… with another company or enterprise!

Yes; they’ll get the jitters that you’ll soon leave them for greener and more profitable pastures.

And they’re not wrong to think like that because that’s the kind of power you’ll have at your command, because of the secret Excel strategies I’m going to tell you about – super valuable Excel productivity strategies you pick up and learn just once where you can carry them with you into any Professional role… and use them for the rest of your life.

I’m talking about the core Excel skills that’ll make the majority of the difference in the results you’ll get.

And before you ask how I came to know about these secret strategies, you may be thinking why all professionals haven’t been told about them?

Well, the reason why most Professionals don’t know about them is because they’ve learnt, or have been taught information and material to do with Excel, that is 80%, irrelevant. And, that 80% of what they’ve learned only makes up around 20% of the information you really need to succeed in your job.

It’s true.

Almost 80% of all Excel instruction is NOT something you need to know! People blindly think that merely ‘getting better’ at Excel is enough. Most people think that enrolling on ‘any’ Excel course, buying an ‘Excel for Dummies book’ or merely Googling their way will be enough.It’s not.

On the other hand, what if you had in your possession 20% of secret Excel strategies that makes up around 80% of the results you need in your job… would knowing that secret 20% be valuable to you, the kind of strategies that’ll slash the time you take to complete your projects, multiplies your productivity levels, makes you more in demand than ever before?

When I first got in my first Analyst role, I could see how Excel was being used as a key tool in that role. And with each subsequent role after that, my income rose and my responsibilities rose, and that’s only because I was able to master the specific Excel skills that made most of the difference in the results I was able to produce.

And it wasn’t guess work.

I gained these priceless insights by sitting side by side with the highest earning professionals in the Industry. I spent time listening to and working with these successful professionals.

And all the while I was in those roles, I was taking notes, experimenting, seeing how they performed their tasks. And pretty soon, I acquired a number of key Excel skills and knew how to use those specific Excel skills to solve the problems I faced. I spotted patterns where I could employ my Excel know how to solve those detailed intricate problems, and it all worked like a charm.

I even discovered a few techniques and strategies that no-one else I knew were using, and yet… they made a heck of a difference in how I was able to get more done, quickly…They helped me shave several priceless hours of time a week that would’ve normally been spent trying to get to grips with solving one problem after another.

No question about it; Excel was the most effective tool being used in all my professional roles. Roles I won in the world's biggest and best companies.

And today, I’m going to share those exact insights and strategies that made the biggest impact and the biggest difference -- not only for me, but for those hundreds of other Professionals I’ve taught, coached and shared this important information with.

Now because of that very coaching, these professionals are now more respected; more rewarded and have a level of certainty and confidence about themselves and their financial futures than at any other time in their lives.

I want to share that same valuable coaching with you;


Zero to Excel Guru

Zero to Excel Guru is the only course of its kind to take you from raw newbie or having some Excel experience – to equip you with the 80/20 - “must-have” excel skills and have you performing advanced VBA / Macros programming… within 6 weeks.

And what’s most important about this course from your perspective is

that the course is delivered by myself – a 10+ year working professional who is using his Excel kills today, in my own professional role- a role where I’m not only respected and acknowledged for my skills and abilities, but I can put my hand on my heart say - without any exaggeration whatsoever - that my ability to master the little known, yet highly effective Excel tactics and strategies is the most important reason I’m able to earn £200K ($300) in my latest role.And

And now, you’ve an opportunity to take you career to whatever level you want because if I can do this, if I can raise myself from a lowly paid admin worker to then working in a number of prestigious companies where knowledge of Excel has been my core asset, then I’ve no doubt that you can absolutely do this, too.

The best part for you however, is you won’t have to play the trial and error game; you won’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes detective about this because I’ve done all that ground work for you already.

How much time would I have saved, how much additional money would I have made if I had a course like this when I was first starting out? I can’t honestly put a number on the years I would have saved – but even 2 or 3 years is a heck of a lot of time to slip by without this specialist kind of information.

And yes, maybe I would have started earning the six figure salaries much earlier in my career.If there was a course available back then like the one I’ve created for you here, I would have jumped all over it. I would’ve fought tooth and nail to get it, devour it and use it. There’s no question about that.

This is a very powerful online course which has already been recorded for you and will be delivered over a SIX week period with Instructional Videos, Guides and Templates focusing on rapidly giving you the right Excel skills to become a brilliant professional. Let's see what the SIX weeks consist of...

ZERO 2 EXCEL GURU is my COMPLETE Excel course, suitable for beginners to advanced Excel professionals.

You will rapidly learn the most important Excel skills for a professional regardless of your current ability, fast track you to advanced VBA/Macros level and will have you automating your work in only six weeks!

Here's what you will learn:

Here’s how the Zero to Excel Course has been put together:

The Zero to Excel Guru online coaching course has been created as if you and I were sitting together for several hours of deep intensive instruction and conversation – these structured sessions will take you from having little to no Excel skills (or even having advanced Excel skills you that you want to add a few more vital functions and strategies to) and then systematically move you up to performing Advanced VBA/Macros programming.

This is a very powerful online course which has already been recorded for you and will be delivered over a SIX week period with Instructional Videos, Guides and Templates focusing on rapidly giving you the right Excel skills to become a brilliant professional. Let's see what the SIX weeks consist of...

ZERO 2 EXCEL GURU is my COMPLETE Excel course, suitable for beginners to advanced Excel professionals. You will rapidly learn the most important Excel skills for a professional regardless of your current ability, fast track you to advanced VBA/Macros level and will have you automating your work in only six weeks! Here's what you will learn:

  • Module 0: Introduction to Excel (Prerequisites)
  • Introductory series of 20+ lessons for complete beginners to get comfortable with the Excel environment / functionality and quickly get to intermediate level
  • Module 1: 80 : 20 Excel Part 1
  • A very efficient 80:20 approach to learning only what you need to
  • The best ways to look up information and how to use it at work
  • Powerful example of building logic and how you can use this to solve business problems
  • Module 2: 80 : 20 Excel Part 2
  • A complete guide to everything you need to know about manipulating text and why this skill is so valuable to know
  • Advanced conditional formatting techniques & when to use them
  • Why pivot tables are overrated & the best ways to summarise data
  • A crash course in the power of Array formulas to look like a guru
  • Module 3: VBA Fast-track
  • A career game-changer as you learn VBA & Macros with my unique teaching approach & focusing on a few key themes
  • You will be effortlessly programming in a shockingly quick time
  • I don’t even allow you to learn unnecessary & confusing jargon which other courses teach you first!
  • Module 4: Automate Data Gathering
  • I start to make you an automation expert and all while you learn one of the most important topics of gathering information from people. A skill that will make you invaluable if you get it right
  • Apart from technical skills, I share my insights from a professional perspective when it comes to asking others for information
  • Module 5: PowerPoint Automation
  • You will be able to control PowerPoint from Excel, a skill that separates the great from the average ‘Excel Gurus’ & will make you a superstar professional who is able to produce work very quickly
  • Learn everything you need about visual automation such manipulating shapes (great for advanced reporting)
  • Module 6: The Excel Solutions Vault
  • I share with you some of the best Excel solutions I have built in my career, carefully chosen, these are templates, reports and solutions that have played a huge role in me earning over 6 figures
  • I am giving them to you to learn, steal and call your own! Take the credit! You have my permission!
  • Solutions include Project Management Planning and Status Updates, Finance Reporting Automation, Management Accounts month end process, Resource Analysis and automating PowerPoint ‘pack’ production
  • This week is the worth the price of the course many times over!
  • Bonus: Turn your Excel skills into career success and a bigger salary

What’s it worth to you if you could switch to another high paying role with your Excel skills, and have the hiring manager eating out of your hands?

  • A detailed breakdown of the major corporate job roles that depend on Excel skills including ones you haven’t even heard of but can lead to a lucrative career
  • How to make your Excel skills open up doors and take your career to senior levels
  • Hidden approach to look for high paying jobs that will make the most of your Excel skills
  • How to sell your Excel skills on your CV/Resume with examples, this is very specific to only those who use Excel, done correctly it will get you any interview
  • An interview technique only for those with Excel skills so powerful but so blindingly obvious that can almost guarantee you an offer
  • This is the module which leaves all other Excel courses trailing far behind

I applied many of the skills i learn through your excel course to automate many aspects of my work and it has been a hUGE help. My next step is to improve my VBA skills!

Kiran Arain

Hear how my course helped my student, Canadian Kiran Arain, CPA, gain a promotion!

Because of how I’ve assembled the training course, my mission is to have you become the most proficient Excel based professional you can be by getting you fully equipped and armed with the most potent and powerful ways to use Excel’s full power and range.… in the shortest amount of time.

The course is specifically structured to be followed in a week by week format, rather than giving you access to everything at once. The reason for that is so you don’t experience that feeling of overwhelm that happens when there’s no defined process or structure to follow.

What does the course look like inside?

3 to 5 Hours a Week is All You Need to Let Your Excel Transformation Begin

The great thing about delivering the weekly modules is the course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks, with at least 3 to 5 hours a week for you to go through the lessons and practice what you’ve been taught.

​It may not work out like that for you on a week to week basis due to life, work and other commitments having to be balanced. What that means is that as a Zero to Excel Guru Purchaser, you’ll have access to the Course content and all relevant updates…for the rest of your life. So if you have to take a break for a couple of weeks, that’s not a problem because you can go and access the module you left things at, and pick up from there.

There is certainly no rush for you to think that you have to follow a strict, week-by-week Zero to Excel Guru regime. You can take the modules at a pace that’s convenient for you.

I’ve already recorded the course for you so you don’t ever have to worry that you’ll miss a module because of having too many other things in life to deal with at the same time.

I’ll send you an email link each week for that recorded module for that week. And, I’ll do the same, each week, for the next 5 weeks.

In all, you’ll have 6 weeks of course modules.

Now if you miss one of the weekly session (meaning, you haven’t set aside the necessary time that week) that’s okay. All you have to do is set aside time in the coming week and that should take care of the back log session.

If you find that there are 2 or 3 modules that you haven’t got around to watching and doing the exercises, then that’s also not a problem – what you need to do is schedule some time in your calendar where you block out a certain amount of time in the coming weeks and months ahead so you cover all the material.

There are Zero To Excel Guru Professionals who have taken the course and have spread the modules out over a 12 week or 18 week period. What that means is after the week one module, they’ll do the next module in 2 or 3 weeks’ time, even if the modules are coming on a weekly basis. What they then do is keep all module links in an email folder and have set a calendar alarm to remind them when they should complete the next module

You pick a time based formula that works for you. And, what I and my customers have found is that the more systematic they are in their approach to completing your Zero to Guru Excel Course, then they’’ most likely hit their targets.

And so will you.

First of all just to let you know that you are a genius!! Thanks for teaching me all this stuff and sharing all your years of professional experience. I´m really learning!!

Laura, Financial Controller

Now I have automated a high portion of my job

I have found this course very interesting and valuable. I wasn't an Excel novice, but with poor skills in automation and VBA. Well, after this course i discovered a new very productive way to do things. Googling cannot help you so much, I agree that for learning some very important stuff (data validation autofiltering automation, PowerPoint control, array formulas, vlookup...) you need a mentor, and this course is what you need. Even if the 20-80 rule is followed, there are many things to learn and to try by your own, so a pretty amount of time should be invested, but you will have a lot in return. Now I have automated a high portion of my job, and still go ahead with VBA coding and arrays -.a new world. Thanks a lot, great job!”

Massimo, Italy 

“Mastering Excel has been my biggest challenge: I am typically not good at anything that involves numbers; however that perception changed when I enrolled for Sohail’s Excel course. Previously, I have tried to learn Excel through several methods, ranging from learning on YouTube, to one-to-one tuition, but all these approaches left me more confused and despising Excel. I was able to clearly understand Excel on this course because Excel lessons are extremely explicit, structured using various real world scenarios, that even complex subjects such as VBA was explained from the basics, which provided the solid foundation for proper comprehension of the subject throughout the course.As Excel is pivotal to my role as PMO Analyst, this course has given me the confidence required to function effectively in my daily work. I will strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Excel, especially in the PMO context.”

Ade, London 
PMO Analyst

Some words from one of my students, Project Managament Professional, Paul Inyang, Nigeria:

I have to thank you so much again for all you've done for me. Just to let you know, I'm currently reviewing the entire course - it's my goal as I want to create a fresh resume so I can get another job!

Paul Inyang

With the Zero to Guru Excel course you’re going to get access to my most treasured insights, tip, tools and strategies. Once you see how you can use these very same insights, tips, tools and strategies in your professional environment, not only will you be filled with that knowledge and certain look on your face where you just know that you’ve got a secret Excel toolkit up your sleeve most others are clueless about… you’ll be looked on as an incredibly valued professional, a priceless asset to your team.

Who This Course is Ultimately For?

You are someone who wants to learn and master Excel from scratch and are looking for a skill based way into the marketplace.

  • You are currently or are aspiring to be an analytical professional such as an Analyst, Finance Professional, Controller, Accountant, Project Management and PMO specialist to name a few
  • You are someone who has the drive and willingness to want to learn and master Excel from scratch
  • You if you have absorbed my free information (which is far far superior to most ‘paid’ information available ANYWHERE) and have found success or it’s changed your attitude
  • You feel stuck in your career or are unemployed and want to understand how to never be in such a situation again
  • You have not seen a meaningful salary increase in at least one year. This is very damaging, by not getting consistent raises you are losing significant amounts of money and this can add up to £100,000s+ in lost earnings over the course of your career
  • You are willing to invest 3 to 5 hours a week minimum in order to transform your career and become a much greater version of yourself.
  • You understand the importance of having great Microsoft Excel skills and are ready to commit to seriously improving your Excel 'game'.
  • You don’t know exactly what direction you should be headed in but know you want to earn a big salary, command the respect of your peers and never worry about losing your job again
  • You are willing to accept that nothing good will happen in your ‘comfort zone’. I will give you everything you need, you just need to action it

Bottom line: if you’re a professional or aspiring who wants to accelerate your Excel skills for a better, higher paying position, then this course is for you.

Who Won’t Benefit From This Course

Will everybody benefit from this course? No. Absolutely not. It’s not meant for everyone.

The kinds of people, who won’t benefit from this course, are the following;

  • If you’re someone who uses Excel in your daily work, though you’re not committed to advancing your skills or career, then you’ll find no value in the course.
  • If you’re someone who continually invests in courses but just cannot stick to finishing a course, then you won’t benefit from Zero to Guru Excel – it’ll simply be another course that piles up in your electronic library database of unfinished courses.
  • Zero to Excel Guru isn’t for you if you’re a professional who already knows it all. If you feel you’ve acquired all that there is to acquire when it comes to knowing the top Excel strategies, yet… you’re not earning a 6-figure income, (or close to it) then there may be another story that you need to write about what’s possible for you.
  • If you think you haven’t the few hours a week required for you to quietly and dedicatedly go through the weekly modules, then unless you create the necessary valuable time this learning requires, then you won’t benefit from Zero to Excel Guru.
  • If you’re looking to devalue yourself by asking and haggling for discounts (if you secure a high paying position thanks to what you learn in Zero to Excel Guru and you allow your employer to secure a discount for your services, please let me know and I’ll see what proportional discount I can arrange for you on the course)

A video testimonial from my student, Supply Chain Analyst Vasileios Plessas based in the UK who recently received a job offer after completing my course

First of all just to let you know that you are a genius!! Thanks for teaching me all this stuff and sharing all your years of professional experience. I´m really learning!!

Laura, Financial Controller

“Trebled my income over the past few weeks”

Sohail’s courses have provided me with the guidance and traction to hugely grow my earnings – in fact trebled my income over the past few weeks upon completion. This was due to the fact there’s a formula that for me clarified core missing pieces. Most importantly, Sohail’s courses helped me revise and reassess how I presented myself to my intended audience (the selling course), and gave me the tools I needed to make the difference (the excel course). For me this has been a real game changer and a catalyst. Don’t hesitate to do both parts of the course.

James Barton-Ginger, New Zealand

“The course is excellent. The skills I have developed during the 6 weeks have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems in an Investment Banking environment. Unlike other courses, the tutorials are practical, to the point and are relevant to professionals. I would highly recommend this course.”

A. Saleem, London
- Investment Banking PMO Consultant

Invest Today in Zero to Excel Guru

Go from complete beginner to Advanced Excel & Advanced VBA Skills in 6 weeks!

3 Payments of

£109 per month

Lifetime Access

30 day money back guarantee

Go from complete beginner to Advanced Excel  & Advanced VBA Skills in 6 weeks!

One Payment of


Lifetime Access

30 day money back guarantee


Learn Excel VBA Skills to an Advanced level

One Payment of


Lifetime Access

30 day money back guarantee

100% Secure Checkout

“Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier but I needed to collect all data before collating and I managed to do this only this week. It worked! Thank you once again, I think I still need more practice but your coding has made life much more simple”

Sarah, China
- Senior Business Controller

As someone who deems himself to be a ‘Power User’ across BA, DBA, PMO, and Microsoft applications, this course has not only been a refresher but a revelation in highlighting the gaps had in my knowledge base. I can only recommend that whoever takes on this course, and I thoroughly recommend it, uses it and digests it in greater detail than the prescribed six (6) weeks. Personally, the contents and lessons learnt will be added very closely to the top of the ‘war chest’ of tools that I draw upon to differentiate myself from the many .Don’t hesitate as the ROI will far exceed any expectations.”


“Hi Sohail, I’d like to take the opportunity to let you know how much your course is helping me”

Laura, Barcelona
- Financial controller

“I can only say thank you a million times and the money is very well spent”

Njagga Marong, London
- Accountant

Just some of the companies where our students have worked...

Your Premium Bonus

But that’s not all because if you invest and give the Zero to Excel guru course a fair trial, you’ll also receive a special 30 minutes Rapid Excel Results Skype Consultation Bonus Session with me. Whenever I do private consultations, I bill my time out at £500.00 an hour so you know you’re receiving a very real £250.00 value.

In our private 30 minutes session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything to do with Excel, skill learning, your career… anything you feel is important to you that you need answers to or want greater clarity on.

Somewhere within the 30 minutes we could uncover that one piece of missing information or one instruction or one way of looking at something could be all you need to move forward in an area you were stuck on. I bring 10+ years of wisdom, knowledge and insight to this consultation session and I’ll give you my very best input I can to help you solve any problem you’ve been trying to solve.

I value my time immensely and so because of that, if you’re among the next 35 people to make an investment in the Zero to Excel Guru online programme, you’ll be in line for the 30 minutes Rapid Excel Results Skype Consultation Bonus Session with me.

Your 100% No Risk GUARANTEE

My promise to you is that if the Zero to Excel Guru programme doesn’t match up to what’s written in this letter, if you don’t experience a number of transformational insights and revelations, tips and strategies that can elevate your Excel skills like nothing else on the market can, then I simply do not want you to invest in this. Please ask for your money back and then use it on something else that might help you become an in demand Excel specialist, that’ll help you perform your role and function to highest levels of productivity and efficiency than you’ve ever experienced in the past.

Money, Cheerfully Refunded

There have been a few people who have invested in my Zero To Excel Guru programme and asked for their money back, and I happily and cheerfully refunded the money back to them. When I asked what was the reason they wanted their money back I got back that not having time was the main concern.

Please, if you cannot invest a few hours a week on a course that can radically shift your life in multiple ways, then you should not invest in this course, you really shouldn’t.

This course is meant for professionals who want to elevate and accelerate their skills, their careers and their earning potential. If that’s not of interest to you, then Zero to Excel Guru is not for you. The course is not meant for someone who makes an excuse to others about why things aren’t going too well, or why they can’t find the time.

If you invest in my course and can honestly say to yourself that you put in the time in and you followed along and you did the work and followed the instructions in the modules, and you find you didn’t receive anything of value, if you think you didn’t get anything out of the programme that could help you become more productive and more proficient in your work, if you think that you won’t be more marketable and can’t see yourself commanding a higher fee for your services or that you can’t get a substantial raise in your current post because of your higher value in the marketplace, then please, get in touch with me immediately and I will give you 100% of your money back.

This programme must work for you or, you pay nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now there are possibly a few questions on your mind about the programme, so let me address the most important ones I keep getting over and over.

I’ve been in the job market for years and can’t seem to get higher or senior positions; will your Zero to Excel Guru Course help me to do that?
What is the age range of people who take your courses?
I see that there are plenty of Excel courses all over the internet, what’s different or so special about your courses and Zero to Excel Guru?
Your courses seem to be priced more than the other Excel courses on the Internet, why should I invest more with you than them?
Suppose I miss a week of the 6 weekly modules, how will I catch up?
I feel that I need constant motivation to keep me on track with the course if I’m going to get some benefit from it. What do you suggest I do to keep me moving through the course without dropping away?

Your Important Life

I know your career is important to you. I know you want to perform to an even higher standard with your Excel skills. I know you want to be more in demand and be paid what you’re worth. I know that receiving the respect and admiration from mangers, seniors and other colleagues plays an important role… no matter what your career or position.

That’s why, it’s vital you see how the Zero to Excel Guru course can help you with all the above. And you can only do that by investing in the course. And there’s zero risk involved because you’re covered by my 100% by money back guarantee.

And that should be music to your ears because unlike spending thousands on a traditional course format of Excel instruction where you’re lumped in a classroom style format with other people and where the instructor is less than inspiring, you cannot get your money back if you found the course unhelpful or if it was not very useful to you.

If you don’t like what’s being taught in the Zero to Excel Guru course, then guess what; you get your money back. I’m investing in you, even if you aren’t 100% sure of yourself or what you’ll be receiving in the course.

I’ve personally coached hundreds of professionals who wanted to upgrade their Excel skills and their value to the marketplace; I’ve had thousands of people read my Excel Money Formulas book and have benefitted from the material in it; don’t you now think it’s time for you to step out front and make a commitment to your own skills, to your own growth, to your own professional development, to your own value, to the organisation you currently work in or, to the new post you want to go after?

Well now’s the time to bet on you and propel your skill level, your marketability, your value and self-worth… to the moon.

Invest today and start to reap the rewards, tomorrow.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Excel Community of Professionals who are in a class by themselves because they take investing in themselves, seriously.

Sohail Anwar

Author, 6-Figure a Year Excel Professional Earner

(And Preeminent Instructor of Specific Excel Skills in The Market Place toCreate Scores of Respected, High Value, High Earning Excel Professionals.)

Invest Today in Zero to Excel Guru

Go from complete beginner to Advanced Excel & Advanced VBA Skills in 6 weeks!

3 Payments of

£109 per month

Lifetime Access

30 day money back guarantee

Go from complete beginner to Advanced Excel  & Advanced VBA Skills in 6 weeks!

One Payment of


Lifetime Access

30 day money back guarantee


Learn Excel VBA Skills to an Advanced level

One Payment of


Lifetime Access

30 day money back guarantee

100% Secure Checkout