6-Figure a Year Working Professional & Trusted Adviser to Thousands of Professionals Makes Passionate Audacious Challenge:

“You’ll Never Again Struggle With Excel if You Take My Zero to Excel Expert Training. If it Doesn’t Work For You, You Pay… ZERO!”

Sohail Anwar: Author,
6-Figure a Year Excel Professional Earner

(And Preeminent Instructor of Specific Excel Skills in The Market Place to Create Scores of Respected, High Value, High Earning Excel Professionals.)

Dear Professional / Aspiring Professional

If you’ve agonised over what exactly you need to know about pivot tables… if you’ve continually banged your head against the wall trying to build effective reports and dashboards… if you’ve gone crazy trying to figure out how exactly to analyse your data to any kind of meaningful depth… if you’ve thrown your hands up in the air with an air of resignation because of not really knowing what the VLOOKUP feature is and when you should use it… or, if you've worried yourself silly over a number of other Excel tasks you’ve thought are way beyond you where you’ve now simply filed them away as being nothing but a pain in your professional backside, then… the content of this letter will be glorious news to your ears.

My name is Sohail Anwar and in a few moments time I’m going to share with you details of my Zero to Excel Expert training course - a disarmingly straight forward yet logical & systematic Excel training course that’ll help you fix all your immediate Excel problems and concern AND it’s all backed by my industry famous, 100% no risk, iron-clad guarantee.

Before I tell you all about my Zero to Excel Expert course and my no risk guarantee, let me tell you that learning Excel has been the number one tool that’s helped me personally scrape by from earning 27k in my first analyst job, to now where I regularly make a nice 6-figure income.

And… it’s something that I’ve done for the last several years.

But there’s more to it than making a lot of money by knowing these valuable Excel skills.

Earning a fatter pay check isn’t the only benefit you’ll be primed to get from taking my course.

There’s your own professional satisfaction you’ll feel when you’re able to ‘speak the Excel language’ with your colleagues and seniors. There’s that inner fist pump feeling you’ll love when you see the look of appreciation and acknowledgement from your boss and senior execs. There are the better, more important projects and roles you’ll be asked to take on because of your new status.

But most crucial of all…you’ll have that wonderful inner confidence that only comes from being competent in knowing how to do something… really really well.

I Make No Apologies for Being Extremely Passionate and Direct When It Comes to Teaching You Excel

So you can see why I’m incredibly passionate about you getting to grips with the basics and then moving you on to more complex and sophisticated uses of Excel. And the dramatic changes that’ll happen for you in a number of areas of your life because of learning this incredible skill, will seem almost miraculous.

Let me repeat, without these Excel skills, there’s no question I’d be struggling in the marketplace, only given tasks and roles that frankly, anyone could do.

I didn’t want that for me. I really don’t want that for you.

Fast forward to today and there are thousands, tens of thousands of professionals (Analysts, Accountants, Controllers, Project Management Professionals, PMO’s, Management Consultants… and many others working in the Financial services, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Retail and Government Sectors) living all over the world who use my Excel based materials, who have invested in my trainings, who have downloaded my publications, who have subscribed to my newsletters.

And now, today, right here and now, I want to share the details with you about my Excel training course which I believe will help and benefit you (both tangibly and intangibly) more than any other course or training out there.

And you have to know one thing:

My Style and Brand of Teaching & Training Certainly Isn’t For Everyone Because… Not All Excel Trainers and Teachers are The Same...

Thank Goodness!

As good and as effective as my teachings and trainings are, I should tell you I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

Oh no!… why would that be?

I’m likeable, charmingly straight forward, and will only teach you what I know has worked for me in the world of commerce and business, and nothing more.

I have no interest in turning you into an all singing, all knowing, all-encompassing Excel encyclopaedia.

Three quarters of all Excel courses and trainings are a complete waste of time and money because you’ll never end up using most of what you learn.


I want to thank you for your online lessons. I was pleasantly surprised by what a gifted teacher you are! You cannot imagine how happy I am with your courses! Thank you!

Tracy Wainman

Really enjoying your teaching style, quick and to-the-point! WHO has time for all the fluff? Thank you!

I specifically and deliberately make it a point to discard what you don’t need to know and so I only focus on that 20-30% of Excel that you actually do need to know if you want to create a noticeable impact in your organisation.

And that’s done by ensuring most of your work related tasks are handled in a more direct, effective and efficient way.

That’s what I’ll teach and train you in. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Let me say this again:

“I’m Only Going to Teach You The Key Excel Components You Need to Know That’ll Make All The Difference In Turning You Into a More Efficient & Valuable Professional”

A Polite… WARNING!

If you’ve been fed a pack of lies telling you that learning Excel is easy peasy simple… is something you can automatically get good at without trying, where you don’t have to put your learning hat on in a continuous or disciplined way (at least for a few hours a week) … you’ve most likely found out the hard way that it was all indeed… a fat pack of lies just to get you to buy the training or the programme.

Let me be 100% straight with you

Yes, although this is a Beginner level Excel course, please don’t be mistaken that this training is basic and simplistic. You’ll soon find out as we go through the course together that we’ll move through to more levels of difficulty and sophistication.

Let me repeat again; this is Professional level learning, yet, the material is taught by me in a way that’ll have you grasp and understand the material in a structured and logical way.

You might even find it to be…


Well who would have thought learning Excel can be… fun?

Me. That’s who.

I’m all about making your experience with me be a happy, fun and professional experience, all at the same time.

So what can you expect to learn in the Zero to Excel Expert Video training course?

For a period of six energetic and engaging weeks, you and I will go through a structured Excel training curriculum.

It’s an Excel curriculum I’ve assembled based on the hands on success I’ve personally had in my 10+ years in various senior roles for a number of blue chip companies. (What that means is my trainings and teachings aren’t simply a regurgitation of material you can find all over the Internet.)

I kid you not when I say if I had this ‘Excel Video Playbook’ by my side when I first understood the leverage and power of what Excel could do, I would have shaved years off my learning, I would have only learned what I needed to know that would make the most significant impact in the work I was doing at the time, instead of playing a lengthy and expensive game of trial and error.

The course is broken down into the following Modules

And please remember, there’s no rush to get good. In fact, here’s the precise success formula that’ll never fail you - take one step at a time, and then, move to the next step, and then the next, and then the next.


This is immediately available when you sign up for the course. After that, every 7 days you get a new module. This is a Prerequisite module and if you’re a complete beginner, this module will get you comfortable with Excel, and move you towards an Intermediate level of understanding.


80:20 Excel and how it applies to professionals who need to learn Excel. You’ll learn the fundamental aspects of Excel and you’ll know how to structure your data correctly.

After the introductory material we delve in to Finding Information from data (this where the journey of being a great ‘Excel’ Professional, really begins). In order to be able to carry out value adding problem solving, the first step is to have complete command over how you find data. I cover everything from Lookups to the advanced Array formulas, and this will be built on in subsequent Modules.


We delve deeper in to looking up information and then seamlessly cover treating Information with rules to make it do what you want it to do. We will learn the best methods of building logic to manipulate your data for analysis. Apart from the powerful skills you will learn there will be some very powerful ideas taught around strategies to build your solutions. These are strategies that I have learned from solving problems in the ‘real world’.


Up to this point, it may be a thrill for you to know that your skills will be somewhat advanced, yet for many professionals, manipulating text information is crucial. We deal with codes, names and all manner of text data on a daily basis. Your skills need to be up to the challenge of being able to deal with such data. This module will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to do that.


Summarisation is the ‘end game’ for much of the work you will do as a professional. We’ll spend a significant amount of time on that ‘end game’ in this module. It’s where I bring together everything we have learned, and build on it even further. At the end of this module we delve even further in to the advanced topic of Array Formulas. I’ll break down how to approach tricky situations when summarising so they become simple to implement.


In this final Week, I walk you through a number of powerful Excel solutions I have built whilst employed for various Banks and blue chip companies. The ideas and solutions are universal for many roles and all sectors. I encourage you to learn them, call your own. Take the credit. Just this week’s training alone is worth the price of the course, many times over.

How Will You Receive The Video Based Lessons and Accompanying Materials?

Each week for a period of six weeks, you’ll receive a special email from me containing a Video lesson of the week. They Video lessons are pre-recorded so you don’t have worry about attending a ‘live’ session.

sohail working

Also if you want to claim the cost of the course back from your employer, I can give you a certification. Now if that’s the route you want to take, please get agreement from your employer to say they’ll sponsor your training before you invest in the Zero to Excel Expert Training Course. Of course, if they choose not to sponsor you, that should give you all the incentive and motivation to pay for the course yourself and for you to quickly use your newly acquired Excel skills to get yourself a better, higher paid position.

How do you know this is the right Course for you?

If you’re unsure as to whether this Beginner to Beyond Excel training course is for you, the following will let you know, especially if you find yourself nodding and agreeing to more than just one thing mentioned:

You feel a bit uncomfortable creating reports for top management and senior executives

Deep down you feel a bit ignorant about Excel and what it can help you do

You sometimes feel a bit like a fraud because you’re a qualified professional but yet, you don’t have good or even basic Excel skills in place

You feel like you spend far too much time on things like analysis, month end reports and reconciliations than you should.

You can’t help but think how much better your future, how much more you would achieve in your career, if only you had better Excel skills.

You feel you’re too old to learn these essential Excel skills, though believe that if you had the right teacher or trainer, you’d get the confidence you need to push through and learn what you need to learn.

You’re currently on probation at work and know if you get some solid Excel skills in order to improve the way you work in your team in terms of reporting and other finance processes, you’ll be as good as guaranteed the job.

You’ve been jumping from You Tube to Google, to this course over here and that course over there, yet… you’re more disjointed and confused than ever in knowing what the core Excel components are that you need to master so you can be more proficient in your job.

You’ve been out of the workplace and want to equip yourself with a set of solid Excel skills to make you more marketable and in demand when you return.

You want to increase your skills database because you feel there’ll be a structural shake-up in your organisation where they’ll be letting go those people they see who aren’t valuable contributors to the organisation as others may be.

You feel your current Excel knowledge isn’t as helpful or useful as you thought it would be so you’re now looking for a practical upgrade.

One of your colleagues has great Excel skills and you feel left behind, worried that you’re just not as productive

You’ve got that consistent nagging voice gnawing away at you inside that says that you’ve been stuck in the same role for far too long and so finally you’re now looking for that boost in confidence that comes with acquiring a new set of Excel skills so you can apply for newer fresher roles with a bigger salary.

Maybe after reading the above you’re now taking a new serious look at your future and your job prospects… so much so that you’re now ready to invest and not waste a single moment more of your precious time.

Wow, blown away! This has been structurally put together. I was carried along from the onset. There has been NO regrets so far. This is turning out to be the BEST training I have come across. If this is only week 0, one can only imagine what lies ahead.

Olumide Olu-Agunbiade

Thank you, this has been great so far. The last few videos were INVALUABLE. I'm very pleased and eagerly looking forward to the next session!

Andre Goodman

Just some of the companies where our students have worked...

Investing in my ZERO TO EXCEL EXPERT Training is Only £119

Not only do I feel that your investment in my Excel Training programme will be the best thing you can do for your career to date, you’ll find that your investment will work out to be a nice fat ZERO for you.

How? That’s because once you learn and master my core Excel concepts, the very ones that’ll have the most impact on your work, you’ll find £119 to be a small price to invest for a training programme that can help you to sky rocket your earnings, as well as your professional status.

And let’s face it, if all you received was a small £238 pay rise in 12 months, you’ll have made a 100% return on your Excel training investment. Though you and I both know that pay rises and pay increases can rise into the tens of thousands for you in one single year.

Investing £119 for upgrading your professional skillset, for getting you into a position where you could be offered the best, the highest profile projects you can get. It can help you be in line for possible pay rises or bonuses… and even… potentially new, higher paying roles with other employers and organisations… all that… for £99!

Frankly, although I know without any hesitation at all that this course is worth 10, 20, 30 times the cost I’m asking for it, yet… I don’t quite know if you think this product is worth £119 to you.

I just don’t know if you think it’s that valuable. I don’t know if you think investing £119 for a product that I’ve personally invested 10 years of knowledge in creating, 10 years of trial and error, 10 years of getting it wrong and having other senior professionals & Excel trainers and organisations turn their noses up at… 10 years of making my bosses’ eyes boggle because of what I was able to do thanks to Excel, something that they, couldn’t do … I don’t know if you think investing £119 in a product that has been the core influence in my ramping up my income from 25k to over 200k in a period of 7 years… and where others just like you have used this material and have gained incredible confidence, developed a sure-fire certainty about their careers and futures… I just don’t know if you think it’s worth it.

I applied many of the skills i learn through your excel course to automate many aspects of my work and it has been a hUGE help. My next step is to improve my VBA skills!

Kiran Arain

Hear how my course helped my student, Kiran Arain, gain a promotion!

Your Iron Clad, 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

I do however know that if you don’t love the Zero to Excel Expert Training programme… if you don’t find that you’ve gained more practical knowledge and insights in the first few video lessons than what you’ve learned before, and, in turn, it doesn’t have you excited, motivated and energised… so much so that you want to practice what you’ve learned… over and over again… then… you’re absolutely entitled to ask for your money back, all 100% of it.

In fact, I demand that you ask for your money back if my material and my teachings aren’t profitable, practical and confidence boosting for you.

You see, I’ve put so much energy and effort into the Zero to Excel Expert course that I only want you to invest in it if you’re really committed to change your current scenario.

So what that means is if you don’t currently like where you’re at with your Excel skills… if you don’t like the kind of work you’re currently engaged in because you don’t have the relevant Excel skills… if you don’t like the kind of salary you earn because of not having the most relevant Excel skills at your disposal…if you just don’t like the kind of appreciation and acknowledgement you’re not getting that honestly believe you deserve… if you just don’t like any of that and you want it all to change, then…

Here’s How To Enrol in The Zero to Excel Expert Training Programme

All you have to do to start your journey into an incredible 6-week programme that’ll equip you with the very Excel skills you’ve been after for a long while... is click the ENROL button below and you’ll be taken to a conformation page.

Once you complete that confirmation page with your registration and payment details, you’ll quickly receive a welcome email from me. Please check your email inbox because you will find an email from me with instructions on how to log in to the course. Please keep that email safe.

Pay once, gain lifetime value

The incredible thing is you pay for the course just once, yet… you can use the skills you gain in the course, over and over again. You’ll be able to create incredible value for any organisation you choose to work for, for the rest of your working life. Not only that, you’ll be able to gain the continuing appreciation and acknowledgement from your bosses and senior executives, again and again and again… and that’s wherever you choose to work, for whatever company or organisation you choose to work for.

Abraham Dare

I want to take the time to appreciate you for your good work in providing these lessons. In my honest opinion this is pretty much the BEST and most concise tutorial on Excel that I have ever come across.

I can’t help but envy you just a little bit because I know that incredible feeling you’ll get when you’re able to create seeming magic because of knowing how to use certain Excel functions that’ll make an incredible difference in the way you will now approach your work.

What used to take you hours, will now get done in a few short clicks. What used to befuddle you by way of presentations and graphs, will become a delightful creative joy. What used to have you go into a deep dark corner because of not knowing how to use Excel, will now be nothing but a bright shining adventure, something that you now look forward to getting your teeth into.

I’d love you to test out the Zero to Excel Expert Training Course so you can see and experience first-hand, how everything will fall into shape for you and how you can see your progress unfold before your very eyes.

This course has been purposely built for someone like you. Enrol today. I can’t wait to see you on the course.

Sohail Anwar
6-Figure Earning Professional and Trusted Advisor and Mentor to Thousands of Working Professionals

P.S Think deeply about this - you’re only six short weeks away from upgrading, enhancing and revitalising your Professional Excel skills…from getting that boost in confidence you desperately seek…from becoming a welcomed and valuable asset to those who employ you…from seeing a very bright light be beamed on your career…from gaining the recognition, salary and status you’ve always wanted.

  • No one else thinks this deeply or cares this much about you and your welfare than I do.
  • No one else is going to take the pains to invest their own money and their own time testing all this material out for you.
  • No one else sees the world in the way that you do, except me. And that’s because I’ve been where you’ve been, I’ve felt your pains and struggles, I’ve been at the end of nasty comments from friends and family members telling me how I’m not doing too well in life, I’ve been in the workplace where if only I had certain Excel knowledge I would have been the star of the show - respected, acknowledged and … I’ve been through all that and it’s a helpless position to be in if you’re all alone, trying to figure this out all by yourself.

But you’re not alone.

It makes no sense going the expensive, treacherous, rocky route. There’s a better way. And I know that’s true because I’ve created a smoother, cleaner, more logical and deliberate path for you that’s proven itself over and over again by the thousands of Professionals of all types, in most industries, in most countries. My Excel teachings and trainings are universally applicable, easily followed and will work for you if you allow me to be your guide and mentor.

Register for ZERO TO EXCEL EXPERT today!

and let this be the beginning of a wonderful relationship between us and the beginning of a wonderful professional career path for you filled with high levels of productivity, increased salary and greater respect and acknowledgement.

If you’re still undecided whether to invest in the Zero to Excel Expert Training, click here for answers to a number of questions that may be on your mind

If you’re still undecided whether or not to invest in the Zero to Excel Expert Training Programme, below are further questions and answers to help you make your choice.

I don’t think I’m ready for this course just now, there’s too much going on in my life.
I don’t have a clue about Excel and fear I might be in over my head if I take the course.
I’m concerned I might fall behind with the course materials and so it would be a waste of my money to continue with the course.
I just freeze whenever I hear the words datasets, VLOOKUP, pivot tables, dashboards, can your course help me eradicate this way of thinking?
Why should I pay for an Excel training course that I can get cheaper elsewhere?
I find myself needing constant motivation and inspiration in order to help keep me on track; will your Excel training course do that for me?
I’m in a senior position in the organisation I currently work for and I’m very aware I don’t possess the necessary Excel skills that many of my colleagues do. I’d rather you not publish my name or position on your website for your marketing purposes.
I’m not sure how to let my current employers know about my newly minted Excel skills, what do you suggest is the best way to do that?
I already have a basic understanding of Excel, though am worried that if I invest in your course I’ll have conflicting advice and may end up confused.