Let me show you how I went from earning minimum wage to a professional earning a six figure salary in under four years

I took the best insights from my 10 year+ professional career in which I currently earn a £196,000 salary and have crammed them into a six week training course that will put you on a path to earning a six figure salary. With 27+Hours of Video Lessons and written material, I will show you: the precise career strategy that you need to be following, rapidly teach the only Excel skills you need to know, provide word for word conversations that you need to be having with the right people, give you  proven templates for CVs/Resumes and everything you need to do to have senior executives take notice and promote you... I will share with you how to be amongst the top 1% of professionals

'Managing your career is now a fundamental skill and if you are not doing it correctly you are losing £10,000's in salary every year, which will amount to £100,000's over the course of your career.'

All professionals want success but few are going about it the right way. Managing your career is as fundamental as typing, reading and listening. It's no longer a rare event in your career but a continual process.

So, what changed?

In the 20th century people had jobs for life because competition and technology were very stable but over the last 15 years, technology has exponentially improved and global competition has dramatically increased, so this leaves the big corporations to be in a state of continual improvement.

Organisations will get rid of staff were irrelevant and use staff where relevant, this means the new type of employee must be much different to employees needed to be 15 years ago in order to succeed.

The new type of employee needs to NOT be an employee, in fact you need to act as you are a business, the ‘You’ business. Therefore you need to manage your career like you are managing a business not an employee, so you think in terms of sales, marketing, operations, finance, just like a traditional business.

Don’t believe the hype out there about ways to make money, the BEST and QUICKEST way to make more money is through your job or more specifically better management of your career 

Jobs for life are gone and the advice that is taught in most books, courses and universities is completely outdated and has no relevance to working in today’s economy.

The rules have completely changed.

It is unwise, foolish and naive to think you are going to have 1, 2 or even 3 jobs over the course of your career. While that worked over 15 years ago, in today’s economy doing that is a very passive and reactive way to go through your career and you will under earn £10,000s+ per year as a result, over a 40 year career and factoring compound interest this will cost you £100,000s+

I pursue two to three job offers per year

This is a very proactive way to manage your career but it takes a good understanding of what goes behind the scenes from an economic perspective in the market, knowledge of the most optimal roles to pursue, the skills to do well in those roles all the way to knowing what makes a senior influential leader tick. By following the new rules of career management, I have removed myself out of the limitations and fears that are faced by the majority of working professionals. Such as:

    • I DO NOT worry about losing my job because I have created a QUALITY network that takes care of me
    • During recessions when others are being made redundant, my salary has always RISEN because I know exactly how and when to leverage my value
    • By having a deep understanding of the job market that no book or university can teach you I am always prepared for every circumstance and am always positioned to maximise my opportunities
    • By knowing exactly what skills to develop and why some skills like Excel are CAREER ALTERING!
    • By understanding that skillS acquisition needS to be strategic and evolve with your career opportunities and skills like Excel can rapidly open doors and act as stepping stones to greater things

Why should you listen to me?

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Hi, I'm Sohail Anwar and I am a senior level professional with 10+ year’s experience working in some of the world's biggest and most reputable organisations (largely Financial Services). 

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I am the author of the book ‘20 ways you are preventing your salary from rising’ that has  been read by almost 10,000 people and I am an online and offline career mentor. I have consistently earned over 6 figures for several years, but I didn't start out like that...

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I had a very rocky start to my career, I got kicked out of university for not being a 'model' student. I was too busy pursuing my passions to study.

I ended up doing some very low paying retail or office jobs earning £10-20k a year while my friends were graduating and earning £30K-£50K.

Eventually I graduated from university but still suffered from fear at the thought of applying for 'better' jobs, I got scared off by my lack of skills, lack of experience and gaps in my CV.

This was a very depressing time in my life.

After months of this crippling self-doubt I couldn’t let it continue and I decided to change my situation. I was introduced to a family friend, someone who was having a very successful career as a professional and I convinced him to be my mentor.

Immediately he helped me overcome some of my biggest fears around applying to big companies by sharing his insights on what actually happens in those companies. I started applying and eventually landed my first ‘proper’ job, I was on £27k and I felt like a king!

As happy as I was at getting the job, my mentor told me that I was progressing too slowly and losing out on earnings and he was right as I really hadn’t pushed myself enough in my career development or pursuing a bigger salary.

After embellishing my CV/Resume within reason I managed to get my first role in Banking which paid much more.

I began to notice in all my roles that Excel was a very valued skill so I made a commitment to get good at it

I absorbed everything I could and spent hours, days, weeks and months and improving my Excel skills through trial and error. The better I got, the more I earned...

As of 2015, I am earning almost £200k which is an increase of a factor of 7 of my £27k salary 7 years ago. Let me repeat that. An increase by a factor of 7 in 7 years! That’s almost unheard of!

Not only were my Excel skills improving but I acquired more mentors, experienced professionals who were teaching me other key skills and were helping me understand the complexities of managing your career to progress quickly.

Just as I was mentored, I began to coach and mentor other professionals. First helping colleagues get good with Excel but I soon found that the career focused suggestions I was giving them that were resulting in more salary and promotions. I shifted more and more of my focus to making professionals earn far more than they previously were.

I was able to do this from my years of being in the 'deep end', seeing what worked and what didn’t work, I had a thorough understanding of the unwritten rules of career progression in the 21st Century. I taught those rules to my students and they were getting incredible results.

Ultimately, through everything I learned in my career, from my mentors and being a mentor, I concluded that there are 5 principles that must be followed to ensure career success for professionals. But before I walk you through them, I want to address a BIG burning question that few professionals ever ask themselves...

We all have the same 24 hours, so why do some progress much faster than others?

Is it hard work? Intelligence? Knowing the right people? Qualifications? Certifications?


In any organisation, there are always a handful of professionals who progress incredibly fast. They are in the 1%

The best way to illustrate the differences between the 99% and 1% of professionals is by introducing you to two professionals, Chris and Tom and the difference in the approach they take towards managing their careers:

Most professionals will remain in the 99% either out of confusion at what to do next or a fear of being out of their comfort zone (dealing with new challenges, rejection, failure etc). They look at the 1% and think they are either possess super high 'Mensa-level' IQ's or are part of a privately educated elite Network.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In my own journey going from a professional in the 99% to being in the 1% and then helping many others to do the same, I discovered that those in the 1% consistently practice 5 principles that make all the difference over time and I am going to share those principles with you:​

The  1% of professionals will remain committed to the following 5 principles when managing their career:

#1: Pursue Brands

You need to pursue brands on your CV/Resume.


There are two reasons:

1. Brands work on a psychological level

They subtly signal to a hiring manager that you are capable of working in the biggest and best organisations, if you have what it takes to succeed in those organisations, you will look like an attractive prospect to a hiring manager.

So make this a priority.

2. The other reason is that the big brand companies also have the biggest businesses, the biggest projects and therefore the biggest budgets and salaries, so to have the best chance of getting a six figure salary, you need to position yourself in Brands....

Is that it?

No, that's just the beginning, this is just the positioning you need to succeed, what do you do once you are in the brand? There are the right ways to progress and the wrong ways; this is what truly separates the 1% of professionals from the 99%.

To understand this, let me share with you my formula for career progression…

Career Progression = Day Job Work + Self Development + Value Networking

Most people only do one part of that equation which is your 'Day Job Work', that's all well but your work at your day job can be infinite, it will never end and you will not find the time to develop the other crucial parts of the equation.

Those in the 1% know this and understand that it’s not about endlessly doing work, but doing enough work to get results. The trick is to do the right roles which will give you the opportunities to free up time, which brings me to principle two…

#2: Automation

Not all roles are created equally.

Some roles are more optimal for progression than other roles. The right roles will give you opportunities to automate your work. These are roles which will involve the use of Excel to dramatically speed up and automatically control your work.

I am talking about Analytical roles like Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Reporting Analyst, PMO, Finance Analyst, Accountant and many more.

These roles will not only allow you to earn a lot of money in the right organisations on the right projects; they are powerful stepping stones to more senior roles.

So, what's so special about these roles?

It comes down to this, where Excel is used heavily in a role, you have opportunities to Automate your work. This means with the right skills in Excel you can do work that normally takes hours and get it done in minutes or even seconds, thus freeing up significant amounts of time.

The key thing is to learn the right skills; I am firmly against most books and courses on Excel as they teach you generic skills where you learn lots of unnecessary things. Generic learning is a sure fire way for most people to give up as the rate of learning usable skills is low and many people often give up out of frustration from a lack of progress.

This is a shame, because with the right kind of teaching, i.e. by someone who knows what to focus on and what to ignore, Excel skills can be rapidly taught​ to anyone. For a powerful example of time saving Automation in action watch the video below:

Shortly, I will talk about the best way for you to learn the right Excel skills but before that let’s talk about what you should be doing when you free up time…

More work?

Nope, this is where we go in a different direction to the 99% and come closer to the 1%. Let's revisit our Career Progression formula:

Career Progression = Day Job Work + Self Development + Value Networking

Professionals in the 99% feel they have to do more work, because it's 'the right thing to do'. Ethically, this sounds reasonable but the right thing is to recognise that, as I wrote in my book (20 ways you are preventing your salary from rising) you are in the 'You Business' and you need your 'Business' to grow (i.e. get Career Progression). If your 'Business' grows, so does your value to any organisation where you do ‘Your Day Job Work’.

So, its in everyone's interest that you do the minimum needed for doing your 'Day Job Work' by automating as much of it and then freeing up time for the other two aspects which are 'Self Development' and 'Value Networking'. Now,'Self Development' refers to increasing your abilities, knowledge and skills (though many people get this wrong too by pursuing unnecessary skills and certifications), but what is Value Networking?...

#3: Value Networking

Before I talk about Value Networking, let's talk about standard Networking usually involves for most people.

Most professionals approach Networking like a numbers game, collecting business cards or getting 500+ connections on LinkedIn, people pride themselves on the size of their network. They often end up increasing the size of their Network for the sake of it. 

However, standard Networking is a very poor strategy, the return on investing your time to meaningful results is very low. This is because you are not ever connecting with people in a meaningful way. Even having a coffee and catch up won't endear you to someone professionally. For someone to take a risk and vouch for you or hire you, you have to have professionally proven your abilities, reliability and like-ability i.e. your professional credibility.

Having wasted a tremendous amount of time myself on Networking, I slowly observed what it was that was getting me results and began to focus on that, that's where I developed the concept of Value Networking.

In a nutshell, Value Networking is identifying the right people in your organisation or organisations you want to work in, establishing a rapport with them, understanding their problems and then solving their problems. It’s not about the size of your Network but the Quality of your Network.

Now the aim for all of my students and myself has been to become great actors and actresses!

...and by that I don't mean liars or Shakespeare thespians!

Let me explain.

Great actors have parts especially written for them.

One of my favourite actors, the brilliant 2 time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz, has had films written around him and his abilities. 

In one of the biggest victories in my career, I'll never forget when I rang up a senior executive to let him know I was going to be available for work in two months, he said ‘leave it with me’.

A week later he told me he had created a role tailored to my strengths on a big high profile banking payments programme worth almost £150K! Now, it's not as glamorous as starring in a Hollywood film but that project was my equivalent of a Hollywood film!

This is so much more powerful and deeper than just accessing the hidden jobs market. Because I had previously built up so much credibility with this senior executive, he knew precisely how he could use my abilities to help and he created a very niche and lucrative position just for me.

When you do Value Networking effectively (solve the right problems of the right people) the impact on your career will be immense. All of the promotions, opportunities and most of the salary increases in my career and in the careers of my students can be attributed to well executed Value Networking.

In fact, for the few professionals who get close to that magical six figure mark, they often get stuck there for the rest of their careers, but Value Networking was largely responsible in taking me from a £100k to £200K salary in a few short years

.…At this point, a common issue that most professionals will deal with is simply 'far too much' on their plate.

Doing your work, developing your abilities, knowledge, skills, career development, value networking and of course balancing all that with ‘life!’ can quickly get overwhelming and it is utterly crucial that this overwhelm is managed otherwise progress will grind to a halt…

This is where the 1% will use something called 'Essentialism' to help their focus and manage overwhelm…

#4: Essentialism

This is all about applying Pareto’s 80:20 rule and acknowledging that in any given situation there are only ever a few essential actions that are responsible for the majority of the results.

It’s about being brutally honest about what it is you need to be doing and prioritising the most important activities that will help you immediately. Not doing this can make even the brightest people procrastinate due to the overwhelm created from having lots on your plate. It will slow or kill your progression so you must regularly do an exercise where you evaluate what activities are truly important for your progression and what are not truly of value.

However, the question becomes 'what shall I do and what shall I avoid?'

Now, you can let your experience guide you, but for most who aren’t experienced there is only one way to deal with this, and it’s arguably the most important of the 5 principles

#5: Get a Mentor

Mentors changed my life.

Plain and simple.

Because of the 4 major mentors in my career, I was able to go from earning minimum wage to a £100k salary in less than 3 years and to £200k only a few years later.

I pursued the right mentors and their advice dramatically accelerated my career progress.

But, what qualifies someone to be the right mentor for you?​

Mentors are professionals who are at least 5 years ahead of you, I don't just mean they have been working for 5 years more than you, but they are where you want to be in 5 years.

These are people who have gone through the pain, the trial and error; they have made the mistakes, embarrassing mistakes sometimes and survived to tell the tale.

You need to find them and listen to their tales....

I know the power of mentoring from both sides.

Most career advice is very one dimensional and focuses on a few tactical tips that in isolation don’t do any justice to the complexities of going from the 99% to the 1% of professionals.

Great mentors (and believe me there are not many of them!) look at all parts of career progression understand that in order to progress you must keep shifting your balance on the right priority at the right time, if you get this balance wrong, you won’t progress.

​Beyond this, they know precisely what your next steps should be in any given moment.

Now, just imagine...

  • If you could get senior bosses in your organisation or other organisations to listen to you, solve their problems and then let them create lucrative opportunities and increase your salary on your demand
  • If you could walk in to any role, dazzle the interviewer and leave with the offer you wanted
  • If you could develop the right Excel skills to automate any piece of work which would free you up to develop other skills,attributes and knowledge for career progression, while other professionals in the 99% just do more and more work and never make meaningful progress
  • If there was a simple system, that you could just follow and it would help you every step of the way in your career by guiding you on what you should be doing, when you should be doing it and precisely how to do it.

Imagine, if you had a mentor to show you exactly how you can do those things and be a part of the 1% of professionals?

Let me be your mentor

The world's best athletes, musicians, actors and even CEOs all have mentors because it's the most certain path to success. I have taken everything I have learned in my 10 year+ career, the decades of experience of my mentors, the 5 years of mentoring over 300 students. I have refined everything I have learned that produced amazing results and have turned it in to such a system that anyone can follow with ease.

I am teaching that system in the form of an online course called 'Excel Your Career'


This is a very powerful online video course delivered over SIX weeks, but once you register all the material is yours for life. Excel Your Career is made up of TWO courses that work together to prepare you to be in the top 1% of professionals. One course focuses on rapidly giving you the right Excel skills (ZERO 2 EXCEL GURU) and the other course teaches you everything you need to know about managing your career & how to sell yourself as a professional (SELLING YOU). Let's see what the SIX weeks consist of...

ZERO 2 EXCEL GURU will rapidly teach any professional only the most important Excel skills regardless of your current ability, fast track you to VBA/Macros level and will have you automating your work in only six weeks!

  • Week 0: Introduction to Excel
  • A introductory series of 20+ lessons for complete beginners to get comfortable with the Excel environment / functionality and quickly get to intermediate level
  • Week 1: 80 : 20 Excel Part 1
  • A very efficient 80:20 approach to learning only what you need to 
  • The best ways to look up information and how to use it at work
  • Powerful example of building logic and how you can use this to solve business problems
  • Week 2: 80 : 20 Excel Part 2
  • A complete guide to everything you need to know about manipulating text and why this skill is so valuable to know
  • Advanced conditional formatting techniques & when to use them
  • Why pivot tables are overrated & the best ways to summarise data
  • A crash course in the power of Array formulas to look like a guru
  • Week 3: VBA Fast-track
  • A career game-changer as you learn VBA & Macros with my unique teaching approach & focusing on a few key themes
  • You will be effortlessly programming in a shockingly quick time
  • I don’t even allow you to learn unnecessary & confusing jargon which other courses teach you first!
  • Week 4: Automate Data Gathering
  • I start to make you an automation expert and all while you learn one of the most important topics of gathering information from people. A skill that will make you invaluable if you get it right
  • Apart from technical skills, I share my insights from a professional perspective when it comes to asking others for information
  • Week 5: PowerPoint Automation
  • You will be able to control PowerPoint from Excel, a skill that separates the great from the average ‘Excel Gurus’ & will make you a superstar professional who is able to produce work very quickly
  • Learn everything you need about visual automation such manipulating shapes (great for advanced reporting)
  • Week 6: The Excel solutions Vault
  • I share with you some of the best Excel solutions I have built in my career, carefully chosen, these are templates, reports and solutions that have played a huge role in me earning over 6 figures
  • I am giving them to you to learn, steal and call your own! Take the credit! You have my permission!
  • This week is the worth the price of the course many times over!

SELLING YOU is a never before seen complete Career Progression System which will carefully guide you on everything you need to do to be among the top 1% of professionals in just six weeks

  • Week 0: New rules of Career Management
  • What you need to focus on in your career to give you an edge
  • The 6 principles that will supercharge everything you do
  • Why Excel is a powerful stepping stone to big things for you
  • Week 1: Set up for Career Success
  • When to tap in to 'The Market' or your Network for opportunities
  • Powerful approach to research that will set you apart 
  • How to make recruiters sing your praises to managers
  • Week 2: How to Present Yourself
  • Why Narrative is crucial to your success and a formula for creating a Narrative so compelling that companies will want to snap you up
  • Why you must embellish the truth on your CV sometimes to progress & how to do it properly and ethically
  • How to deal with gaps on your CV without worrying about them
  • Week 3: Mastering CVs/Resumes
  • Construct CV/Resumes and Cover Letters that get you interviews Lots of examples & templates including the resume I built to land my £200k ($300k) role
  • How to create an Excel focused CV /Resume that will  guarantee you an interview for the right roles
  • Week 4: Mastering Interviews & Negotiation
  • Have the hiring manager in the palm of your hands in interviews
  • Very detailed insights in how you for prepare for your interviews
  • A powerful technique for Excel professionals to use in interviews that will almost guarantee an offer
  • Negotiating for a big salary including some high risk techniques that can lead to disproportionately high rewards
  • Week 5: How to go from Good to Great
  • A comprehensive guide to Value Networking and how it took me from £100k to £200k salary. I call this the MBA killer
  • The exact strategy, tactics, word for word conversations/emails, and picking the right kind of work to get senior leaders to fall in love with you & put you on a path to huge success & high rewards
  • Week 6: The ‘Excel Your Career’ system
  • I put together everything and present you a system which shows you precisely how to focus on the right things at the right times
  • I discuss crucial time management and productivity principles that help balance career with your personal life to maximise results
  • How to use Essentialismto prioritise effectively

Excel Your Career is incredibly affordable



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Watch this video to take a look inside the course

I personally answer all the questions you have

BONUS: One to One Skype Session

To make joining ‘Excel Your Career’ a no-brainer, I’m going to be giving you a huge bonus that is worth £250, which is a 30 minute Skype session with me to discuss any aspect of your career or Excel. It’s never a strict 30 mins, I often go well over, the focus is on giving you some solid actionable advice that will almost instantly improve your career situation. We can discuss anything!

You don't even have to say 'Yes' right now, just 'Maybe', knowing that you are 100% covered by my 30 day money back gurantee

The last thing I want is for people to join ‘Excel Your Career’ and not feel like they got true value.I totally stand by my course and it comes with a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:You can join one or both of the courses, do 4 of the 6 weeks, absorb all the information and really put the program through its paces. After you’ve done all this, you can cancel any time during the first 30 days and I’ll refund your entire investment, just drop me an email and I’ll refund you, no questions asked.

When 30 days pass and you decide to commit to ‘Excel Your Career’ program (which I know you will!), then there’s nothing else for you to do. Your payment entitles you to lifetime access to the complete course, so you can work your way through at your own pace. The entire risk is on me. I’m so confident you will love ‘Excel Your Career’, but I want to make this decision easy for you just in case you are not sure it’s a “good fit” for your unique situation.

How my career progression has improved the quality of my life

My income has been growing by £10,000s every year but what keeps me motivated to keep pushing myself is the Freedom and Flexibility that has come with more money. This Freedom and Flexibility has improved quality of life for me and my family. For example:

I love exercising but recently I got fed up with the commercial gyms, tired as I go in after work and hanging around till the equipment I want to use is freed up. I put an end to this by building a gym in my own back garden and kitting it out with only my favourite equipment. This cost me over £23,500 but it was money well spent as it was an investment in to my health and well being.

One of the best ways to use your money is to invest in property and so here’s a picture of one of my rental properties in which I have invested £85K+but it gives me a very decent return as well as being an appreciating asset. My property portfolio is a huge freedom as it's intended to be my early retirement plan! It's managed by others so it runs in the background and makes me money while I sleep!

Most importantly is the investment I have made in my family by hiring a live in nanny to help my wife and I look after our children we have both removed a great deal stress from our lives knowing we have dedicated support. 

I’m just a normal average family man and by managing my career properly and learning the right skills I have maximised my income and dramatically improved my family's situation.

Professionals all over the world are using the 'Excel Your Career' courses to transform and becoming better versions of themselves

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Trebled my income over the past few weeks”

Sohail’s courses have provided me with the guidance and traction to hugely grow my earnings – in fact trebled my income over the past few weeks upon completion. This was due to the fact there’s a formula that for me clarified core missing pieces. Most importantly, Sohail’s courses helped me revise and reassess how I presented myself to my intended audience (the selling course), and gave me the tools I needed to make the difference (the excel course). For me this has been a real game changer and a catalyst. Don’t hesitate to do both parts of the course.

James Barton-Ginger, New Zealand

“The course is excellent. The skills I have developed during the 6 weeks have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems in an Investment Banking environment. Unlike other courses, the tutorials are practical, to the point and are relevant to professionals. I would highly recommend this course.

A. Saleem, London
- Investment Banking PMO Consultant
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“If a baby boomer like me can appreciate your video lessons, how much more those younger generations who are aspiring to be Analysts...”

“I don't know how to express my joy of finding your website. Every week you have different surprises that are very helpful for your students to be more efficient in their works without learning everything about Excel. Actually, I have not yet tried to practice the Week 3 lessons but watching the videos upto weeks 4 and 5 (partial) plus taking notes (from week 4) is really amazing. Imparting your skills in making a template, asking info, updating the boring list, generating reports and presenting the reports using PowerPoint, to me is "Generousity". I want to learn these skills even though all are not required for my works but I am confident that by practicing these skills religiously, it will help your students more promotable and marketable. What I need is only discipline to practice those skills as shown on videos because you already provided everything that your students need to know to be excellent in Excel with matching bonus of learning PowerPoint presentation.

You deserved to be appreciated for the good things that you extend to your students. You are exerting much efforts to plan, research, prepare and deliver your lessons by choosing the most important features of Excel so your students can improve efficiency in their works and properly manage their careers after completing the courses and apply what they have learnt from those lessons.If a baby boomer like me can appreciate your video lessons, how much more those younger generations who are aspiring to be Analysts so long as their jobs required them to use Excel.

Again, thank very much for being a sincere mentor!”

William Anglacer, Canada
- Operations Accountant

“I have found this course very interesting and valuable. I wasn't an Excel novice, but with poor skills in automation and VBA. Well, after this course i discovered a new very productive way to do things. Googling cannot help you so much, I agree that for learning some very important stuff (data validation autofiltering automation, PowerPoint control, array formulas, vlookup...) you need a mentor, and this course is what you need. Even if the 20-80 rule is followed, there are many things to learn and to try by your own, so a pretty amount of time shuld be invested, but you will have a lot in return. Now i have automated a high portion of my job, and still go ahead with VBA coding and arrays..a new world.Thanks a lot, great job!

Massimo, Italy
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“If a baby boomer like me can appreciate your video lessons, how much more those younger generations who are aspiring to be Analysts...”

“Mastering Excel has been my biggest challenge, I am typically not good at anything that involves numbers, however that perception changed when I enrolled for Sohail’s Excel course.Previously, I have tried to learn Excel through several methods, ranging from learning on YouTube, to one to one tuition, but all these approaches left me more confused and despising Excel.I was able to clearly understand Excel on this course because Excel lessons are extremely explicit, structured using various real world scenarios, that even complex subjects such as VBA was explained from the basics, which provided the solid foundation for proper comprehension of the subject throughout the course.As Excel is pivotal to my role as PMO Analyst, this course has given me the confidence required to function effectively in my daily work. I will strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Excel, especially in the PMO context.”

Ade, London
- PMO Analyst

“I can only say thank you a million times and the money is very well spent”

Njagga Marong, London
- Accountant
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“As someone who deems himself to be a ‘Power User’ across BA, DBA, PMO, and Microsoft applications, this course has not only been a refresher but a revelation in highlighting the gaps had in my knowledge base.I can only recommend that whoever takes on this course, and I thoroughly recommend it, uses it and digests it in greater detail than the prescribed six (6) weeks.Personally, the contents and lessons learnt will be added very closely to the top of the ‘war chest’ of tools that I draw upon to differentiate myself from the many.Don’t hesitate as the ROI will far exceed any expectations.”


But this course is not for Everyone

Part of my success allows me to be selective with who I work with. I would much rather have a small committed group of people who are willing to take action than a large group of people who want a magic wand waved over them until they have success

‘Excel Your Career’ is not for everyone, please don’t apply if:

You are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. This is a course that can change your career and your life IF you invest time in yourself & consistently carry out the work required of the system

You don’t want to commit at 3 to 5 hours a week to do the course and afterwards. Managing your career takes effort, it takes a bit of time but I promise you the rewards are worth it

You ask me to give you the course for free. Freeloaders have a broken psychology and I seriously suggest they try investing in themselves. I spend between £4.5k and £9k a year investing in myself and without fail I have seen that money come back multiple times every year. Whenever I spend money to develop myself, it forces me to take it very seriously and I always grow and earn more as a result

‘Excel Your Career’ is for YOU if:

You are currently or are aspiring to be an analytical professional such as Business Analyst, Finance Professional, Accountants, Project Management and PMO specialist to name a few

You if you have absorbed my free information (which is far far superior to most ‘paid’ information available ANYWHERE) and have found success or it’s changed your attitude

You feel stuck in your career or are unemployed and want to understand how to never be in such a situation again

You have not seen a meaningful salary increase in at least one year. This is very damaging, by not getting consistent raises you are losing significant amounts of money and this can add up to £100,000s+ in lost earnings over the course of your career

You are willing to invest 3 to 5 hours a week minimum in order to transform your career and become a much greater version of yourself.

You understand the importance of having great Microsoft Excel skills and are ready to commit to seriously improving your Excel 'game'.

You don’t know exactly what direction you should be headed in but know you want to earn a big salary, command the respect of your peers and never worry about losing your job again

You are willing to accept that nothing good will happen in your ‘comfort zone’. I will give you everything you need, you just need to action it

'Excel Your Career' will close and I can't say when it will reopen...You need to decide soon

I don't regularly open the course for new students, this is for two reasons:

1. I focus my time and efforts on giving my students the best guidance, this takes a lot of my time. For this reason, I severely limit the number of new students who can register on to the course, since I can only provide quality guidance to a certain number of students at a time. 

2. I still work! I am still very much in the process of working and progressing my career, so this further limits my time significantly​.

​If you are still unsure about joining please remember there is a 30-day money back guarantee so if you don't feel the course is right for you, then let me know within 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

If you have made it this far and are reading this, clearly you are serious about your career and wanting to be in a better position

I have taught you some very powerful concepts on this page such as the difference between the 1% and the 99%, the 5 principles those in the 1% follow for career progression and the quickest path for you to be a part of the 1% .

Now you can go in one of two ways:

1. Go for success on your own:  Here’s the thing, you will have to learn from scratch and this can take several years, in that several years where you are figuring it out you will have lost out on promotions and significant salary rises and the whole approach could cost you 100,000+’s. Why does it take several years to figure things out? Simply because, ideas and approaches have to be tried, tested fed back and tweaked until they work. People feel it’s easier to go alone with the internet as we have more information than ever. However, the reality of the internet is that it is full of contradictory information mostly by people who are unqualified. What you end up with mostly as just ‘ideas’ full of assumptions that don’t translate in the real world. This will end in frustration, heart ache and worse, it will cost you some of the best years of your career. I have seen it and it is not pretty.

2. Let me be your mentor and guide you so that you can focus your time on just the ‘doing it’ part since you don’t have to do the ‘working it out’ part. For a tiny commitment of 29 per month you will learn an incredible career progression system along with the right (Excel) skills and rapidly progress and increase your salary as hundreds before have done.I promise with me as your mentor, you are in great hands after all, even as I write this I am living and breathing career progression.

Now, I am going to be brutally honest and strongly suggest that you don’t try to re-invent the wheel and go it alone. It is a long winded and painful road. I’ve been there; it was my 10 year Journey going from minimum wage to £200K ($300K). Would I do it again? Not if I had this opportunity. I would likely have made even more progress in those 10 years and been earning even more than I am.

I look back at my friends who all started their careers on much bigger salaries than I did, they had ‘better’ degrees than I did, but they didn’t take a complete view of career progression, most of them did not even get mentors. Over 10 years later, I am out earning them all by 200-400%.

Don’t be an example. Don’t look back in a few years and ask yourself, ‘what could have been?’.

Register by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ and in a matter of minutes, you will start your journey and I will show you how to get massive career success.

I look forward to mentoring you.

Sohail Anwar​

(Creator of the 'Excel Your Career' course)