This 'Introduction to VBA & Macros' Course Will Simplify These Powerful Skills For You And Quickly Get You Speeding Up Your Work in Excel

Sohail Anwar: Author,
Senior Professional in Banking and Excel Trainer

For years, Professionals of all kinds, in multiple industries, have been asking me to release a fundamental primer course on Excel VBA & Macros, and to date, I haven't complied.

That's because the fundamental primer course is part of my ultra-successful FULL version Excel VBA &Macro training programme for Professionals, and I didn't want to split the training up.

However, I've realised over time, that there are professionals like you who don't want to invest in the full programme just yet and would prefer if there was a scaled down version of the programme they could test out. 

Well, if you're reading this message then... you're in luck!

That's because you now have an opportunity to test out my complete introduction course all to do with VBA & Macros.


What's So Special About This Particular Course?

What's special about it is, you're getting my treasury of VBA and Macro secrets; the very ones I use in the workplace to this very day. You'll only get what works. I'm a working 6-figure professional and my work is dependant on my being ultra-efficient in how I carry out my tasks, and what I'm able to get done on a daily basis. So what i'm going to pass onto you will be utterly PRICELESS.

What that means is: you WON'T get a bunch of fluff, outdated theories or complex strategies that'll not only waste your time, but it'll have no use at all for you in the marketplace.

What you ARE going to get are the most effective strategies that have taken me a decade to master and I'm going to teach you all I know in this ultra-impactful VBA and Macro training.

I currently work in middle management and excel does my daily routine, from donor reporting using complex VBA tools right through to Financial Analysis using tools like Pivot tables. Your courses have helped me to reduce the time it takes to do my work.


What This VBA & Macro Primer Training is Not

In case you think these training videos are of Steven Spielberg quality, they're not.

If you think these training videos will make you an overnight VBA & Macro Super Professional, they will not

If you think these training videos are chock full of wall to wall information that'll turn you into an encyclopaedic VBA & Macro wisdom machine, they will not.

What This VBA & Macro Primer Training Will Do For You

If you've always wanted to break into the secret world of VBA & Macros, but you just don't know a thing about it all, you'll get a real world introduction from an experienced real world working professional, who will take you by the hand and show you how to get up to speed, fast.

This training will do that for you.

If you wanted a training course that teaches you the key core VBA & Macro fundamentals and where the rest of the unnecessary information is discarded... where jargon and complex teaching and instructions are related to the dustbin, this training will do that for you.

What Can You Expect to Learn in This Valuable Primer?

You'll receive a series of special online training videos that will walk you through the specific VBA & Macros fundamental essentials, the very ones you MUST know that will quickly have you be amongst the most knowledgable professionals out there.

Yes, it's a big bold claim because although this is a primer course, there are a number of valuable attributes baked into the course, which when mastered, will have you looked upon with admiration and even... with envy.

This essential VBA & Macro training is broken down into 13 videos, lasting a combined 75 minutes, with the average video being around 4 minutes long.

VBA and Macros is a powerful skill. Yet, as you've most likely found out, there isn't much quality teaching and instruction around that will equip you with all you need to know from a fundamental level.

My VBA and Macro training WILL do that for you.

And, that's why paying a one-off £9 for this important course, will be well worth it.

In fact, I'm so convinced about the value of my training that here's... simple, no-nonsense, 100% money back guarantee.


Put this introduction primer course in VBA & Macros training to the full test.

If by the end of the training you aren't more knowledgeable, more confident, more skilled in applying the core essentials outlined in the VBA & Macro training curriculum mentioned above, then I insist you ask for your money back.

Only Real World Teaching & Instruction

You see, I make it a point to make my training and my teaching come from the world of real experience and in-the-trenches know how.

A such, my trainings aren't like any other training you might find out there because whilst other trainings on the subject may come from a more academic and generic vantage point, I'm only here to teach you what WORKS and what you can use to create a result for you in order to make your work life easier - for you.

You can pay a lot more money and you'll get much less of a valuable input on the subject matter than you will with my Excel VBA and Macro training course.

But, let me be frank and tell you that you will NOT see this course advertised at any other price, nor will you see it being freely advertised.

You only have this one opportunity to get your hands on this important primer course, one you can test out TODAY.

I am looking forward to more of your VBA lessons as I find them very helpful and I love your style of teaching!


The 6 week course was easy to understand and I used a lot of the excel formulae to improve a number of aspects of my work. I also stepped into VBA to produce an internal quoting tool which was well received at work! 


I am a big believer in teaching you only what you need to know. I'm against the idea of wasting your time by teaching you anything and everything under the sun from a VBA and Macro perspective. 

You don't need that.

There's a time and a place for more advanced material on the subject matter.

This ISN'T it.

I'm 100% Confident This Course Will Work For You Also

This particular course is all about getting you to be super-efficient and super knowledgeable on the fundamentals.

This material has worked for me and for many of my tens of thousands of readers, subscribers, students and product buyers. I see no reason why it wouldn't work for you also.

Whether you are new to VBA and Macros or whether you are already proficient in Excel but now want to master the much in-demand skills of VBA & Macros, then either way, you can't lose out by giving my course a good and thorough test drive.

And what if it doesn't work out for you?

No problem. You won't be out of pocket. You'll have lost: nothing. Your money will be refunded. 100% of it.

I look forward to showing you what my VBA & Macro Primer Training will do for you,

Sohail Anwar

P.S To recap: £9 is all you pay for my VBA and Macro Primer training. You will get INSTANT access to the training videos and accompanying materials. If it doesn't work out for you the way I promise it will, you pay a big fat... nothing.

Just some of the companies where our students have worked... and YOU can too - as soon as you upgrade your excel skills.

I want to thank you for your online lessons. I was pleasantly surprised by what a gifted teacher you are! You cannot imagine how happy I am with your courses! Thank you!