Use The Seinfeld Strategy To Have Your Best Year

I’ve talked before about one of the best sitcoms ever written and of course the man behind it, comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

An interviewer once asked Seinfeld how he became the best comedian in the world to which he replied:

“Every day I aim to write at least one joke, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, but I have to write one joke, then I mark a big X in my calendar to note that I’ve written my joke. My goal throughout my career was to get an X in the calendar every day and never break the chain”.

So the secret of Seinfeld’s success was simply in his consistency. I’ve found this to be absolutely true in my life and career.

Starting something is one thing but showing up and following through everyday after is where greatness is cultivated.

Consistency is crucial in improving skills whether you are learning an instrument, improving your chess game or even your Excel skills.

I ask my students to put in 30 to 60 minutes of Excel development (according to my method of teaching) a day for 6 weeks. If you do this your Excel skills, your career and your life will be improved significantly.

But it needs to be the way I teach in my course…

Of course you need to sign up for the course, show up for the course and like the master comedian Seinfeld be consistent on the course.

No Joke.

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