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Here’s an overview of what I’ll be covering:

Day 1: Things you have never heard about on Career success

Why you have fears when it comes to career progression and how to get over them

Lying: Why you should NEVER do a role you are fully qualified for

The exact process you should follow on a new job to set yourself up for massive success

The sneaky strategy I used to impress execs whilst learning Excel!

Day 2: Excel roles that can earn you a big salary

A very detailed list of roles that can make the most of Excel skills

Why your Excel skills are a stepping stone to bigger things

Day 3: A simple formula for great career and Excel formulas

How to manage your career in the 21st century

FREE e-book: The only Excel formulas you need!

Day 4: Video Lesson & Excel skills cheat sheet

Should you become an Excel guru?

Why over learning Excel is a huge mistake

What Excel skills should you work on? Hint It’s not many of the one’s ‘experts’ tell you to learn

Day 5: Mega Excel skills resource

: There is no other way to describe this: I’m giving you access to some of my most powerful Excel lessons, suitable for beginners to advanced Excel users!

Day 6: Understanding why VBA and Macros can transform your career

The unique reason for learning VBA / Macros

The only VBA topics a professional should focus on learning

A short Video course on VBA that will have you programming in minutes!

Day 7: Excel vs MBA

Why studying for an MBA is a very poor investment?

What I think of people who have done an MBA (hint: it’s a positive thing!)

The two things to focus on in your career that actually give you results

Day 8: How to actually start changing your approach to your career and get results

The importance of establishing your ‘why’

How 30-60 minutes a day separates you from greatness

Why I never worry about economic recessions or getting laid off and how you don’t have to either

Precisely how my Excel skills set me up for massive career success

Day 9/10: Live Webinars

I will be holding a few live webinar to further discuss the points I’ve made, talk about some new things and answer any and every question on what we’ve covered in the last two weeks.

I look forward to teaching skills and sharing insights with you​