Excel Problem Solving

A Simple Way To Tackle Any Excel Problem

How do I know exactly how to solve a problem in Excel?

This is the BIG question that stumps a lot of people; especially beginners or reasonably experienced people.

Excel can be a vast and murky big world of tools, formulas, pivot tables and macros. Sometimes you just don’t know quite exactly what you should be doing and when. There is so much of it and that vastness creates overwhelm.

To tackle this problem, I present a very simple system for you to follow next time you need to solve a problem with Excel:

  • Why Lumberjacks are the Masters of Productivity and what we can learn from them.
  • A professional only ever deals with 3 kinds of problems.
  • Why you should only use a combination of 4 types of solutions to tackle the problem.

Hence I call it my 4:3 Approach to solving ANY problem with Excel!


Sohail Anwar

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