Intermediate MBA Excel: Lesson 1

The two MOST important Excel Formulas: VLOOKUP & IF

Lesson on VLOOKUP Formulas

  • Why you should be maintaining your data vertically
  • The benefit of using Excel to look information up from a list
  • Quick but complete breakdown of one of the most important functions: VLOOKUP and how it can rapidly find the right information for you
  • How 'dragging' formulas can make your life much easier during analysis and reports

Lesson on IF Formula

  • Treating information with rules (logic building) is a very powerful way to extract the most useful information
  • By using one of the most important functions: IF, we can narrow down individual data from massive lists and eliminate confusion
  • Logic building and the IF function is the first major step to automating your work which can dramatically speed up your work and make you more productive