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I am currently working as an accounts assistant at Camara Zambia Ltd, in Lusaka, Zambia. I want to be an Auditor, this is the future of mycareer
Hopefully, your E-book would help me in (consolidated) financial reporting and my career in the future.
“I believe, that I have large business experience, and good intuition. I can be not only a financial guy, who can provide reliable reporting, but also can become a useful business partner. My dream is to join a quickly developing project, in which I can contribute as a financial manager\controller. And I wish owners of project were ready to make me a partner to allow me to get more benefits from business development. From my side I’m ready to sacrifice the part of my current benefits to become a partner (or to capitalize cuurrent benefits in ownership).
Unfortunately economic situation in Russia is not favorable at the moment.”
“I hope to use information in the book frequently in my job as an administrator or as was once colourfully put by a friend “”spreadsheet jockey””.

I have recently completed a post graduate degree in business management and intend on pursuing a career as a financial analyst.”

I am a Group Financial Controller for a small goldmining company. I have used excel throughout my professional career (10 years) but unfortunately I use it at a basic level. My objective in 2016 is to improve asap!”
“Hi Sohail,

Have just downloaded your Excel formulae E-book and having scanned very quickly I am excited to delve more deeply and give this a real go. I do have Excel knowledge and use pivots/lookups and IF statements but, have been spoilt by having access to other more skilled users in the team and therefore, I lack confidence through irregular use.”
Thank you for your e-book. I have not had a chance to thoroughly review it but appreciate your insight offering. I have been in financial/banking for 10 years and that has not made me wealthy at all. In fact, I am working to flip this switch with different mindset and experience financial wealth and passive income and also enjoy my other passions more in my life and get out of having to work for another employer & experience more freedom of time. I would love to own 100+ units in commercial multi-family buildings and seek funding, as an example.
Also, I know your expertise is in excel but can you recommend a good power point resource/course? I work in investment banking where the majority of our time is spent on power point.

Just a few words about myself, I am currently working as a Senior QA professional for a Global Bank. I am prepping for GMAT as my dream is to be an Investment Banker. I am also interested in activities a Business Analyst does( particularly in analyzing huge amounts of data), excel is always at the core of my activities”
Thanks a lot for the ebook. It’s awesome

I am a junior analyst at Goldman Sachs and I resonate with you on your life experience and how you have become who you are today.I am no special in any way but I want to invest in myself and because skillful in excel.In my career I worry about job security and I want to be above average.I am willing to do what it takes to get there and a six figure salary is desirable.Thanks for reaching out I will be in touch.”
“I’m an analyst working for the NHS in North Scotland.
I’m seen as the Excel expert in my organisation of 10k employees. Not bad… But it doesn’t transpire to a better salary.
I have built dashboards which have been acclaimed by national programme teams, and one was chosen as an example of best practice for a data visualisation course being taught at Harvard..
I taught myself VBA, initially to avoid having to do a particularly mundane piece of work ever again ( I trimmed a 6 week process down to 5 mins as a result), and my VBA skills also now support a data collection system spanning 4 hospitals, 100 GP practices in a land mass larger than Wales.

Alongside that, I have intermediate SQL skills ( SSIS, SSRS and t-sql) and have been getting to grips with R ( mainly for data visualisation)

I am married, early 40s, 3 young kids, the sole earner. I earn £30K.
I need more, but moving away is not possible due to family reasons.

I love data, especially dashboards and visualisation. I love my current role, supporting a national safety programme, as it requires programming , analysis ( Statistical process control and improvement science) and data visualisation.

Everything I’ve outlined above has been self taught. I was never good with figures in school, and would never have imagined my whole career would be data centric ( I have previous forecasting roles in earlier career)

I don’t aspire to a six figure salary, but just having a bit less financial pressure would be great.
I’ll be following any career advice you have with interest.”
“Dear Sohail,

Thanks for the book am a PhD student now with University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. I also practise as an auditor in Kenya and that is the reason why I have been very keen in the excel classes as they are very key to our work and analysis. Hopefully I will become a researcher and a lecturer after all these studies. And who knows I might take over from you in helping other people understand more of excel.

Glad you replied and I will be more than glad for any assistance that you will help me with in my career path.

“I believe we can think in a way to merge our ideas and offer better service to the world.
My intention to teach Excel is about the same as yours: I have no interest in ‘getting by’. Anyone with the gift of life should be looking to more than ‘get by’.

What do you think about it?”
“Thanks for the E-Book. I came across your post “”8 things I do for career progression”” on LinkedIn and am inspired with your posts as well as your Excel knowledge. Keep going and inspire people like me 🙂

I am an IT professional working as Business Analyst/ Business Systems Analyst. Initially I am trying to get better with my current role and then move to Senior role into same and then eventually become a Project Manager.
I said – get better in my current role first because I want to improve my skills in all aspects like communication, confidence, Excel etc which I believe would help me climb the ladder further.

Hope you get to read my email and mentor me in future. I greatly appreciate you are taking time to read all these emails.

Best Regards
Vineela (Vinnie)”
“Really good to hear from you! I have already down loaded the book and I am at this very moment working on some payment reconciliations by using…you guessed it Excel! So I’m hoping this may well come in handy.

Ive just started my ACCA studies but also work full-time doing a contract role alongside three other finance professionals. My excel level is probably basic just under intermediate level because most of my work experience has required me to be more adept in using Finance software packages ie, Sage, Sun Accounts and Quick books etc.

I really do want to progress in my career to a more senior, mid-management level but not really sure of the best companies to approach and my contacts are limited, but I’m sure you will have some great tips in your future newsletters as they have really useful so far.”
“I am in my mid 40’s and was a mental health nurse by background when I started studying AAT at night school and am now AAT qualified.

After a few years of chugging away doing various accounts assistant jobs whilst nursing at the same time, I managed to get a nice job as a Finance Manager in a small international IT company based in Surrey where I reported directly to the MD who is an ACCA qualified accountant. It was a great all round role comprising of doing the day to day accounts in addition to the payroll, month end, credit control, VAT returns, year end, banking, inter-company accounting and setting up the pension auto-enrolment etc.

Unfortunately, as my partner and I were splitting, I had to earn more money so have taken a position in a medium sized IT services company which although paying a bit more was a big mistake. It just consists of inputting sales, purchases and expenses. A complete waste of the experience I have gained to date. There is a finance team of 8 people. The only think I have learned since being there is how to enter invoices on the bank for invoice factoring. I have asked to learn how to do other things but got nowhere.

I am now kicking myself as I feel I have completely mucked up my career and am wondering how to get back on track.”

How are you today? ‘m a PMO Analyst and I’m interested in moving from a Basic excel user to advanced level using VBA, vlook ups, Pivot tables, formulas, macros etc as a professional and also using excel for data analysis. I look forward to hearing from you.”
“Hello Sohail,

Glad that I’ve gone through your video in youtube, which made me get in touch with you.

It’s a great privilege to know you. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for becoming a successful person and helping others in their professional lives. I would definitely need your suggestion, well lemme tell you about myself in short. I, Lakshmi, finished master’s in Technology management @university of Bridgeport, CT, USA.

Now I’m in a position to think where I need to re-launch my career. I said ‘re-launch’ because, prior to my master’s, I had 5 years of work experience in IT Industry as a software tester. after that, I worked as a support PMO in a small company for about an year, and during my master’s I took project management training as Intern.

After few weeks on confusion, I realized that my interest resides in PMO analysis. So I wanna give a try if I could grab an opportunity to go further in that field. But, (hope you already know) without having work experience in USA or as a proper PMO analyst, its pretty hard to get into a functional kind of roles. As you mentioned in one of your articles, I am also not interested to add a bullet point on my CV by sitting and studying PMBOK for 3 or 5 days.. 🙂

Could you please suggest me on how do I start marketing my CV without faking my resume??

Frankly, I am not at all interested to fake my skills by adding some new technology and showing that I worked on it for all those 7 years of my journey. After all, I’m a peoples person, and pretty much interested in functional roles.

Please give me some tips as well to project my CV in a best possible way. Suggestions and comments appreciated.

Thanks for your time,”
“Hi, thank you for your message.
I downloaded the E-book and I passed half of it, today I’ll look for another half. I think your book is really useful with such explanations to learn independently.
Currently, I am seeking a job in controlling because that’s an area in which I would like to work and develop my career. I am interested into knowing more of Excel related to use in controlling like VBA and business analysis. Sharing information about Excel would be great for me.
I finished graduate study programme in Analysis and Business Planning and I worked for a year on Zagreb Stock Exchange (that was something like trainee just for a year). If you have more questions feel free to ask me.
I am also interested to know something about you and your career.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
“Williams, Lynn via
May 5

to Sohail
Yes, sir I was able to. I need to know what book with cd rom would you recommend to me so I can begin my journey learning advanced intermediate excel. I can do basic vlook up I haven’t ever tried hlook ups, and basic pivot tables. No fancy dancy stuff yet. I need to learn the advanced and intermediate excel because I can raise my pay rate a year by about $15,000 to start.

I need a book where I can see the example visually and practice it immediately. Do you know what I mean? I am a visual and book learner.

Any recommendation you can make would be so appreciative.”

Born and raised and educated in Germany, I have immigrated to Canada when German education was still recognized enough that I could easily get a position as a Controller without the designations that seem to be more important than experience nowadays. So after more than 10 years of Canadian Controller experience, I needed to make a change!
At this time, I am back in school to earn my Supply Chain Management & Logistics Certification. So far my grades are excellent and my specific interest in this line of education leans toward the purchasing/procurement direction. I can’t wait to combine my vast experience with my new studies and head into a world changing career.”
“thanks for the mail and content. As a way of introduction I am a credit analyst with proficiency in risk analysis and business development. I will like to use these excel tools to do effective analysis of my clients.

Thank you once again.

Warm regards”
“Good day sir.
Thank you for sending the excel tutor to me. I quite appreciate. I am a credit analyst with a micro finance bank here in Nigeria and I am an excel enthusiast. I have tried as much as I can to learn on my own, but its pretty difficult. You are a God sent, and God bless you for that.
I have a dream of becoming an excel guru, just like, and I will stop at nothing to achieve this.
Thank you and God bless you”
“Hope you’re doing well.

First of all I would like to thank your for the e-book.

For a year I worked as a business consultant for a SAP project. After project finished I’ve started new job as a finance and commercial manager. But I’m not happy because we do not have strong software and too much manual work. Any career advice I really appreciated.

Kind regards,”
“Thank you so much for this book, it was a good read. Thanks for wanting to help others as you never know where/when/how you will be rewarded.

I would really like to expand my knowledge on excel as well which is somewhere I sometimes struggle in.
I would be grateful if you could give some tips in this area. I have heard quite a lot about VBA but as you mentioned, it is usually the jargon that puts me off delving deeper into it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.”
What exactly frustrates me is not being recognized for your hard work and persons being promoted by favoritism. I love my job as its flexible to my needs and I have accepted that this is the reality where I live.
“Thank you so much i got the book am so happy. God bless you.
About the question what frustrates me in my work, I would say as a financial accountant and auditor i feel so frustrated when people don’t follow the laid down procedures before any payment is done and especially the management.Since i end up insisting to the junior employees to follow the procedure while the managers don’t. Its so frustrating.”
“Thanks a lot for sharing me the book – 2 things I would ask in progressing in my prayer – how do I be an expert in Excel spreadsheet – V-lookup, macro, pivot table and so on – I was laid-off in Sept. 2012 due to downsizing/restructuring – since then, I was not successful in looking for a job – though I am a certified general accountant (CGA) and CPA here in Toronto, Canada – and my limited skills and my age – at 56 is a stumbling block in looking for a full-time job.

Hope you can share your thoughts on how to overcome these. Thanks a lot.

God bless!


In reply to your question I want to know:
– How to present yourself if your studies and experience are not balanced. Like I am an ACCA finalist but got experience of more than 5 years including 2 years of managing a department in a limited liability company.

“here come the two questions:

What type of personality that attract managers and give them the reason to promote you beside that you are experienced, having the right certificate and god in your job?

Is the right job experience enough to get hired in a managerial position or you will need to add additional certificate to your account like CMA/CPA?”
“Secondly I would ask you in which countries exists more oportunities in order to work in finance, I have been worried because potuguese market jobs is very bad.

I woul like to work in finance, biginning in a basic position, for after a moment, get a better colocation.

I am looking hearing from you soon.”
“1. If you could ask me TWO questions about career development what they be?

a) Many a times you reach a stage in the company when you are taken for granted to be a fixer, you normally do not get to grow up as they see you as a person who can fix stuff, bail a project out of failure, etc, although you do that purely because you have that extra insight, wife range of expertise, not because you are not in a position to sit in that upper manager chair, specially so if you are in an environment where you are not one of the yes man and always speak your mind for the better of the organization, in such a situation what would be your take on how do we get the message across.

b) Is a management degree important to take on the next upper position in an organization?

2. Would you be interested in an Excel focused course aimed at Project Management/PMO professionals which is ultimately geared to increase Salary?

Not an easy answer, I would like to see what the training contents would be and maybe I can make a informed decision.

“Two things those i shall ask you regarding my career;

1. What should i do to get some diversity in my career, i am trying very aggressively to switch my current job but not getting positive response from anywhere.
2. I also want to increase my knowledge, skills in competitive market. what you suggest in this regard.

Thank you once again.
“Thank you very much Sohail. Please find my answers to your questions :
1. What is your biggest frustration in your own career? – Biggest frustration is that some high level managers are led by politics when deciding about careers of the people and not from proven skills, results achieved and potential for future success.
2. As someone who uses Excel which TWO areas would you like to improve? Creation and usage of Macros ; Automation of data processing
3. Would you be interested in an Excel focused course aimed at Project Management/PMO Professionals which is ultimately geared to increase Salary? – Yes if this course do not repeat functionalites from MS Project Management but un Excell format.

“Thank you for sharing such a valuable guide to progress in career. Being an excel guru myself I feel we have much in common. Just to inform you I started with excel from windows 3.1 on black and white screen 🙂

I do agree to most of the points you have put in as many of your examples do match to various situations I have dealt with in my career.
One point which I want to make is that when you say one has to be be loyal to ‘You Ltd’, this ‘You Ltd’ in my case also includes my wife and son, and any career decision which I take will affect them directly or indirectly. For instance I can get a job with better pay and perks in Saudi Arabia compared to UAE (where I reside), but due to various social restrictions which may affect my wife and son well being I can not move there.

Now about the two things for career progression.

I am a experienced IT professional and have worked on small/medium sized IT projects. Recently I have graduated as MBA from Bradford University. I am now able to see a better and a complete view of business operations and how it can be benefited by the use of technology. My question is how do I convince either my boss or the recruiter that I am ready for strategic roles in IT/Business, even though I have worked as technical personnel in past.
If I want to float my own company, according to you what stage of my career is ideal to take that risk. And what are your thoughts on entrepreneurship.”
“Hello Sohail,

Thank you very much for the career book. You asked about two things related with career progression. Let me tell you a bit about my story.

I am quite above average in the use of Excel and analytics. Because “you are the good one with numbers and Excel”, I receive requests out from my job accountabilities. People are not willing to learn new skills themselves because time is money or because they are lazy, so it ends up on my side, fostered by bosses who just want to have things done quickly and look good.
When discussing job performance with management, it is usual to receive the same corporate rant of career progression, retention, employee focus, etc. with never defined dates or position targets but always vague promises of “you know, this is a big company and some opportunity will come your way some day… “. Salary is always put aside for next year based on results, etc. and is typically the cost of living increase, “as we need to be aligned in the organisation”.
A working relationship has to be a two-way collaboration, “I help you if you help me”. I have resigned a few times from situations like this. Honestly, this also allowed some time to take a sabatical and get ready for the next challenge.

Thank you again, your book is very instructive and honest read J And I love Excel!”
“Hello Sohail,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your time and sharing your experience, that’s awesome! Very much appreciated.

The two things I would like to ask you, it would be:

1- How would you approach your direct manager to request the salary review you think you should be on due to the large amount of work and responsibility I have taken on, including new markets on my portfolio involving a new languages skills.

2- Since I am working as a credit controller and currently CIMA student, what kind of job I should apply for if I want to make it into banking, since you have a large experience in banking?

Many thanks in advance for your time”
“Thank you Sohail for the book and your e-mail I appreciate it

I will read it and get back to you with the feedback
The one top question that comes to my mind now that I am global marketing manger and sometimes I do face difficulties with the my Boss who is the owner, he keeps interfering and changing his mind and not simplifying things which cause me sometime frustration and delays especially when it comes to branding. Your tips might be useful”
“Hi Sohail,

Thanks for the book link. Here is my answer for your question. I would say increasing my salary is one of the big reasons obviously. However, other reason for progress my career is setting up achievable goals through the life time somehow make me feel that I can become who I want to be and wouldn’t feel behind.

P.S you mentioned that you got useful Microsoft Excel, is that under your LinkedIn?

“Hi Sohail,

I would be happy to talk to you. Today, I have several appointments. If you would like to call me tomorrow, March 5th, I will be available all day.

The question that I would ask you would be, “”I am contemplating going back to school to get my MBA in Accounting, which means putting my job search on hold. Will this hurt me down the road? What skills do I need to focus on?

I look forward to talking to you.”
“Dear Sohail Anwar,
First of all thank you for sending me this e mail and the career book. I would more than interested in improving my excel also so do not remove it from the dropbox.
In what concerns the questions relating to the career progress, I would ask you how can I use my skills for working as a lawyer abroad. You see, i am a lawyer in Romania and my dream is to work in international arbitration but with a mixt team, from all over the world. Therefore, my question is:
What the steps one must take in order to work in such a lawyers cabinet.
Thank you very much. If I think of any other question I will let you know.
Wish you all the best.
Andreea Paducel ”
“Hi Sohail,

Thank you for be sharing your book, probably it will help a lot.

I don´t have time to read the book yet but as soon I have read I will let you know my comment.

Regarding you two question, I have some challenges related to leadership, you know, to do yourself your work is easy, however when we need make the same work as a team is totally different. Can you please give me some words about it?

The other challenge that I have is to do the next step in my career. Currently I´m Accounting Manager and I’m working in this position for ten years. Part of my felling is tell me that I´m ready to do the next step but the other part said me to keep the position and wait more time to get more experience. I don´t have the answer about it yet, but one think that I know is that always my conservative call more my attention.

By the way, if you have the opportunity to came to Brazil, please contact me, will be a pleasure to met you.

My very best regards,”
“My questions are,

1. How to control excitement during interview when you are one of two finalists for promising post in big MNC.

2. How to upgrade the networking skill.

Best regards”
“Thank you for the book and also for helping young individuals like us who are just starting their careers.
The two questions I would like to ask you are:
1) What are the best ways that one can get recognized within the first few months of joining a new work place?
I know that doing work is one way of gaining recognition. I have tried that at the last place I was working at, but it was not that effective. In your book you mentioned about how it is important to impress the job creator. Well that didn’t work either.

2) What is the best way to answer the question “”describe your weaknesses”” during an interview. I am expecting to attend one soon and my Excel skill are not that advanced.”
“The two things I’d like to improve, if not ask you is:

1) My technical expertise
2) Confidence”
“Hello Sohail,

Thanks for sharing your book and your ideas, you are great. About the questions that I will ask you would be:

– what is the most important attitude you should have to improve in your career.


– what type of skills are necessary to keep the success in your job when you have gotten it.

Thank you very much


I would like to be brilliant with Excel, then all the materials that you share will be welcome. Thanks!

“Hi Sohail,
First of all I offer my apologies for the delay in answering, but have been very busy days for me. Thank you very much for your book, I found it very helpful personally and validate many concepts that I share with you.
Take this opportunity to let you know that after 10 years of experience as employees in the areas of controlling, planning and reporting in leading companies worldwide, decided to continue my career independently providing consulting and project work. In principle, my services are geared towards expertise I’ve developed over the years. So in that sense, if you find that I can be helpful with my services to any company in which you are in contact with taste could meet the project.
And if you have any recommendations for me in this new path I am undertaking from now will be very grateful.
I asked people who didn’t buy my course following the completion of my Excel Autoresponder te following 3 questions:
1. Did you find the lessons helpful in improving your Excel VBA skills?
2. Any particular reasons you decided not register for the paid online course?
3. Did you find the career advice useful and would you like to hear more of it?
Here are a selection of responses
• Your lessons are very informative creating a lot of interest from my perspective.
• Cost is part of the reason, the British pound is a lot stronger than the Aussie dollar and timing, I work away and don’t have access to a stable internet all of the time.
• Your career advice is interesting and I guess I have noted some similarities in my own experience.
I have a lot of interest in learning VBA and have been floundering around trying to learn it as i go. At this stage the timing is not quite right but I am definitely interested.
first I wanted to thank you to share with me your key points to dramatically improve Excel as well as career skills.

Unfortunately, I am living a time of my life in which I cannot even afford to spend a few pounds (well.. euros) apart from those spent for aliving…

I am truly sorry about that and hope that in a few months, you will decide to set up and open your courses again. Hopefully, at that time, I should be able to afford some extra expenses (considering what I written above, I must name your course cost an extra, don’t mean to offend you).

While looking forward to seeing myself able to get the chance to let you in my environment, my best wishes for an even brighter career are all for you!
Hi Sohail,
Yes I found the lessons helpful and could definitely improve my skills but I am just not financially stable right now and dont want to commit to any extra fees. Hopefully in the near future I will register.
Thank you very much for your email
I found the lessons very interesting.
The reason that I did not went ahead for the lessons is that for the time being I’m not budgeting this kind of expenses.
Thanks again
Hi Sohail,

I was thinking about you just a while ago.
Thank you for all your motivation and the tips you have shared.

I really wanted to take up with you for my improvement in excel and career development course.

Honestly speaking I am not in a good shape on moving on with my current job work pressure, financial part etc…

Thank you for all your email and I wish you a prosperous future in bringing talents to the people.

Best regards
Predeep (note from Sohail: This guy purchased a few days later when I halved my course fees)
Hi Sohail,

first of all thanks for sharing your knowledge and for your enthusiasm.

I found your lesson very helpful in improving my Excel skill, but I decided to not register for the paid course, because I’m engaged in some business which let me exausted at the end of the day; but I will come back to your course when I can dedicate the right time to your lessons.


Hi Sohail,

Please see my comments in bold:
• Did you find the lessons helpful in improving your Excel VBA skills? No, it was very basic…it should be more project based at this level
• Any particular reasons you decided not register for the paid online course? Very pricey…there are lots of VBA courses in Udemy for $10.
• Did you find the career advice useful and would you like to hear more of it? Yes, thanks.
(Note from Sohail: This was a Canadian guy, so money shouldn’t have been an issue)
Hi Sohail,
I simply don’t have the time. I’ve bookmarked your emails and hope to go through them when things slow down for me.
Thanks though! They are a tremendous resource.
I am a novice when it comes to VBA. For the most part, I understood your videos, and I thought they were awesome. I am going to need an understanding of the VBA terminology in order to write the procedures. I cannot tell if your program goes into the basics, or if it just goes full speed ahead in the hopes that I will catch on. I am a self-taught advanced Excel professional. With that being said, there is so much that Excel can do. I know that I have only scratched the surface, but I have written some pretty amazing procedures. It requires lots of time to write the formulas and make sure that they work properly. I started using macros this year, but they have their limitations. For example, I have a workbook that has a worksheet for each month in the year (12). The macro pivots a table two times and formats the pivot table. Other parts of the worksheet are filled in from these pivot tables. Because I could not figure out how to make the macro work for every sheet, I had to do the macro 12 times. Ugh!

As the Corporate Controller, I am always looking for ways to make my Finance Team more efficient. I am a very busy person especially at this time of the year. I would have limited time to devote to learning VBA right now, but I am very interested in learning VBA. That is why I keep going to the registration page….just afraid to commit.

Thanks, Sohail, for caring about me and my future. Your thoughts on what I have written would be greatly appreciated. (Note from Sohail: I sent her the following email and she purchased a day later)

Hi Franee,

Apologies for my delayed response. I really appreciate your lengthy response and loved reading about how you have taught yourself to an advanced level. Great stuff!

In terms of my course, yes, I go to the basics, the first few lessons are as the ones I have shared. it really hand holds you but gets you rapidly programming and soon after we go in to manipulating macros. In the example you mentioned, what was missing was the usage of loops, so you write the procedure once and tell the loop to do it 12 times. All that is explained.

Fyi you might have received another email about my course price which I have decided to halve. Whatever and whenever you decide please stay in touch and keep up with my material (more free lessons and articles are on the way), I am confident it will really be of help to you.

Also, I love meeting such warm, hard working and decent people like you. It’s a perk of my coaching and mentoring 🙂

Best wishes

Hi Sohail, I found your video clips to be excellent. You are quite the presenter. I must say. And yes, those brief examples were helpful. Thank you.

Concerning the signing up, it’s a matter of spending the money. I understand what you’re saying on the payback and the career advice that you provided. I never did see your VBA example which I would have liked to have seen. Which lesson was that in?

Thank you, Bob
Hi Sohail,

I definitely did enjoy the Excel lessons, I have not had the chance to check out all of the lessons online at this point, but will do so shortly.

In relation to the course, purely cost motivated at this point, with a young family and other priorities, my money is extremely tight.

I expect that to change a bit by mid-2016 so I would be better placed to participate in some course activity at that point.

The career advice was definitely useful, and has given me some food for thought in relation to my career, where I am heading, etc.

Kind regards
Hi Sohail,

This was very useful. I did not register because of the cost.

Re: Excel Your Career closes TONIGHT
Hi Sohail

Thank you for your mails and all the information your have shared.

I am thinking with registering for the full course.

But as I am on holiday the following 3 weeks would you extend the trial period for me for one additional week?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Best Regards

Daniele Pfingsttag
(Note from Sohail: This question is caused by the fact that I say the course is 6 weeks long and also, I had a deadline, it was a launch)
What’s the cost and timing? I’m in Malaysia.
Sohail Note: This is a response I have had from numerous people who think that because the course is 6 weeks, it must be a live course, which it is not. It’s pre-recorded but I just drip feed it over 6 weeks to prevent overwhelm. So some people exclude themselves on the basis that there schedule won’t allow it. I am clearly failing in my messaging here to let them now it’s pre-recorded
Other reasons why they I ASSUME people don’t buy + random notes/thought
• Don’t understand the need for the selling you course(a mentor)
• For some people(in countries with a weaker currency like Ind/Pak/Bangl/SriLanka , African Countries, )It’s expensive. But I have had customers from those places who have saved up money and registered
• They see the SY course as a luxury and not a necessity
• Don’t understand what the course is really all about (Selling You)
• Excel course objections focus on price, with the likes of Udemy, in the last year since I built my course there have been so many more Excel courses, though I don’t believe any of them are as good as mine, however with Udemy’s insane discount days you can get them for as little as £9
• The other main competitor is who dominates the Excel course market with his 7 figure blog. His Excel course start at $97, he has a Excel VBA (programming) course starting at $97 and he packages them together for $247 with some extras. My EG course is both Excel and VBA.
• A lot of people, younger/unemployed etc will turn to google, youtube, cheap books etc for their Excel knowledge which is not an efficient way to learn but you certainly can
• My main USP with my Excel course is my 80:20 approach where due to my experience in the real world with Excel, I focus on stuff that matters, not what people ‘think’ they should learn
• With the VBA, I have a very unique way of teaching complex things to anyone, I ignore all the boring jargon that ALL other courses teach first and get people programming in minutes. In fact I give away some great lessons which do that in my VBA autoresponder funnel
• My Excel course is in its entirety is about 19 hours, now most complete courses are 50% to 200%+ longer than that but I think my shorter time is a massive selling point because I get to what works in the real world and quickly move on, I don’t repeat things ad nauseum and burn people out through boredom.
• 72% of people who have brought from me have purchased both Excel Guru & Selling You – But I almost always pitch them together
• I pretty much on a daily basis get emails telling me how much people value my career advice
What is the specific number 1 obstacle or opportunity you want us to focus on during our one hour call
What is the best way to structure the funnel to maximise sales?messaging/positioning/daily settle or SOS with scarcity?

what is the number 1 perssing rpblem , pain or fear they want to solve for most (for each market you’re targetting)? As in, what worry or secret fear wakes them up at night and keeps them staring at the celiling unable to go back to bed?

If you were sitting next to a prime prospect at a dinner party, how would you sum up in a sentence why they should buy your product insteead of any other options out there, including doing nothing? (For both products)
I didn’t get the career or salary trajectory by chance, by a network. I got it by developing the correct Excel skills that sped up my work and free’d up my time. With my free’d up time I…

If you had to reveal a weakness in your product – even a small one – what would it be? If someone knew about this weakness, what would you say overcome this shortcoming? (for both your products)
The video / audio quality of my courses aren’t great. Some of my early material had me waffling. Both need more points built in which require someone to take action, especially the career one.

What type of person is NOT an ideal candidate for your products
Non professionals and professionals who are not Analysts, Accountants, Financial Controllers, Project Managers and management Consultants. Also, students wolring towards those careers

What are the most successful offers workingf ro your two products and for others in the industry
Chandoo it’s his Excel School, Udemy is a range of Excel courses and a few Careers courses, Ramit is Dream Job
My Excel course is priced
Whoa re your top 3 competitors and what are their main sites?
Chandoo for Excel
Udemy mainly for Excel but also for Career
Ramit Sethi (for Dream Job course)
What’s your number one reason why your product is superior to the competition? For both your products

What’s the one thing/super-power/feature/whatever does your main competitor have that you don’t (for both your prodcuts)
Ramit Sethi’s dream job course has a lot of good content, very high quality, lots of interviews, teardowns, which I don’t have (I suspect he’s built it over time) but am working on, his marketing is amazing with a high volume of testimonials written and recorded.
Udemy has a lot of courses, most of which are heavily discounted frequently so choice and price makes udemy very attractive to lots of people, plus some people are already on Udemy and just find it easy to have thieir courses in one place. has cheaper courses and his website has lot of free information, so much that he even says that one can get by with just the free info on his site and that the courses will save time (still a 7 figure business!)

The main super power for both products is that I amteaching them, I hav
My career course has been built by my experiences of trial and error, seeking out and begging amazing people to mentor me, putting their advice in to practice, I have a very aggressive risk taking mindset which helps me to stay focus and make career decisions that have seen my salary increase to almost £200K. When I dispense career advice, it’s very different from other ‘safe’ career advice.
The Excel course is based on the 80:20 principle of developing ONLY the correct skills to succeed in work, I know what that 20% because I developed my skills on real world projects, working in the biggest and best global organisations on the planet. I guide professionals down a very specific roadmap that they won’t get on any other course because all other Excel courses are made by so called Excel experts who sit in their mother’s basesments and teach EVERY aspect of Excel ad nauseum. I avoid all that and pinpoint on the most useful stuff, I teach it with a very unique style that makes it easy for a non technical audience, then I give away some of my best solutions that I built in big organisations, finally I have a module on how professionals can market their skills and get a bigger salary. No other Excel course providor does this.
“I recently lost out on a Finance/ Data Analyst role with Barclays due to not having Macros and VBA skills. Surely my limited Excel skills is restricting my career move. That was why I jumped at the opportunity of downloading the free excel pack that you put together.

At the moment, I am based in Northampton and once back closer to London, I intend to explore getting Macros & VBA and if possible SQL training from yourself depending on the cost implication. ”
“I had some weird work, which involved huge volume of data extraction from different bits of information and data compilation. Despite the fact I knew a bit better than the rest of my colleagues, it was a real challenge for me, to do the wonders, since the data were so complex to compile and there was a system limitation as well, which made it more time consuming.

Back to the point, the data came to me from different sources and I had to compile them in such a way so it would be viable for my coworker and so forth for my client to generate an invoice, as reimbursement of certain expenses. Thanks to Excel formulas and functions and the ultimate pivot table, these guys helped me a lot.”
“Thank you for all the messages.
I have 3 issues here.
1. How can I trust you to me a mentor?
2. I’m currently unemployed. So I cannot afford to pay the price you listed.
3. I’m trying to study to become a data analyst. So I’ll need more than excel skill.”
As I am making some progress in Excel over the years, do you think that there are any opportunities for remote work, during the free time for extra income?
“Hello Sohail,

I’m very glad to meeting you.

Thank you very much for E-Book!

I managed to download it. It is really what I need now.

I’m in the middle of my carreer break , as my company closed down its office in Geneva, for which I used to work 6,5 years as a multifunctional financial analyst.

I used to work a lot with pivot tables, but less with formulas, as I was doing a lot of financial reporting consolidation and validation (between US GAAP and IFRS),
as well as accounting of several different legal entities of different countries.

I’m thinking to start distance study for obtaining CFA diploma and learn more about excel formulas and VBA.

I’d like to develop myself more in finance analysis in order to find a suitable job.

Do you have an E-Book for VBA?

I appreciate very much your knowledge sharing and will read your articles and books and come back to you for more questions, if you dont mind.

Kind regards…Nadia

Nadezda Ostrovskaya”
“You can call me Ann. I’m from Vietnam and living in the USA. I have good Excel skills and want to keep it up since I worked for KPMG and that’s all we used all day long. I am now working as a Funder 2 for Hyundai Capital America and want to get back to the financial field as Financial Analyst or something similar.

I am really taking a hard look into my career right now because my priority has changed since I have my daughter. I don’t want to kill myself pursuing big ladder and do not have time for the family. I am thinking about doing CPA or CFA in the near future.

It’s interesting that you are from UK, I spent 5 years in the UK, 2 years in Nottingham and 3 years in London getting my BSc in Banking and International Finance.

I would love to know more about you too. What do you do and what is your short/long term goals?”
“I was delighted to find your ebook and happy to receive tips and links re Excel. I’m comfortable using Excel and just learned how to use pivot tables and the vlookup function….rest of the formulas is something I will need to explore.

I can do basic conditional formatting…use slicers (discovered recently)….

Need to see examples of different dashboards …..

I work as a senior PMO analyst (projects / portfolio) for a large Building Society. The more I know about Excel, the more I can share with junior members of staff.

My next career goal is to be a PMO Manager….”
“Thank you so much for sending me the book.I have two questions as you requested. I have not read the book;I hope I find the answers to these questions:

1) Do the latest developments in excel match the Window Version in use? for example, If you are using window 8 instead of a newer version,say 10,does this leave you behind the opportunity of using or knowing the most updated excel functions/developments?

2) Does working for one employer for a longer period of say 5 or more years deny an employee chances of climbing up the ladder? What factors contribute towards moving faster from one employer to the next?”
“Thanks, Sohail, interesting read..

I enjoy using excel (advanced user) and use it on a day to day basis at work! Being a PMO contractor in financial services it’s an invaluable tool in improving reporting/process and making myself a really useful, go-to, asset in any programme team!

You mentioned a course in some of the literature?”
“Thanks for your email.

Do you run any classes / training

I am looking for an ExcelVBA training session.

Please let me know.


“Thanks for Excel tutorial these are more than useful.

I would like to ask you:

– How to keep absorbing new information every now and then and presenting it in a proper and logical manner

– Data keep rolling daily/weekly/monthly so how to amend the operations in excel macros for effective tweaking it rather than starting from scratch

Rohit Kumar”

Thanks brother. I am struggling to climb up my career. Started working in 2010 but to date have not gained enough experience. My questions are as follows;
How can I master EXCEL as a perfect tool to propel me up my finance career?
What does it take to become a good analyst?”
“Hi Sohail,

i’m very pleased to know you.

I’m Amine from Morocco, i’m 28 years olde, i started my career 4 years ago in accounting and auditing, but right now i dont feel like i’m advancing in my career, i don’t learn new things and time goes on without getting the most out of it. i need to change my habits and take things seriously.

I got through the description of you program Excel your career and found it very interesting. I think i’m going to apply to it and commit myself to boost my career in order to become excellent in Excel and also manager my career successfully.

My goal is to become a CFO in the futur and i think your program will help achieve this.

“If I can ask you 2 things about progressing in career, it would be:
1 – How and in which roles were you able to increase your earning using Excel (from 27k to 140k)? I’m asking this because I really like Excel and I’m very good at it, but in Ireland (where I live now) and in Portugal (where I’m from) never saw roles focused in Excel, and paying well for that knowledge.
2 – Do you think is easier to progress in your career has a Project Manager or a Excel Expert? I’m currently working as a Project Manager (I’m Prince2 certified) but if it paid the same or better I would prefer to work as an Excel Expert, because I really enjoy it.

“Hope you are doing well! I’ve been in touch with you before since you might recognise me because I had a new born so I had to cancel the program last time!

I’m really struggling with my career since I’m a qualified ACCA & CIMA from London but now I’m residing in Canada! I came last year and have 2 jobs, one in retail (part time) and the other one in bank as a Compliance officer! I don’t have a local qualification because of which I’m unable to get a decent job in Finance. I’m writing dissertation for my BSC from Manchester Metropolitan University which is a pre requisite for local accounting designation. I’m really struggling in my job since I know I’m really good in what I do but I just can’t get what I want! I want to be a Financial Analyst before the end of this year. I’m struggling with Excel though I use it daily, i don’t know SAP which is mandatory for Finance. I need a mentor whose help can fly rocket my career!

I know you are expensive but I want some sort of concession since i will have to pay in CAD which is right now doing terrible! Let me know if you can help!”
“Dear Mr. Sohali Anwar,
Your introductory letter about your FREE course mentioning its importance got my attention today.
I have just now downloaded your ’20 Ways’ E-Book. I will read it soon.
A brief info about me, before replying your question.
I am not an Excel Expert. But I give some replies to the queries posted by Excel users on net in some forums. Moreover mostly I write some VBA code for my personal use and for the use of the private (small) office, where I am working now.
In my office I do not have the position of Excel Programmer and do not need such a position to produce Excel Codes as I am an Executive mostly involved in the Administration. But I write codes for my office as there is no excel staff here and my VBA codes are being used every day.
So, though earning through EXCEL is not my primary aim or goal, I would like to be of some use, to the extent possible, to individuals as well as some smaller offices or organisations by providing some excel VBA code – which you may call as APPLICATION – and so I would like to equip myself with some better knowledge on EXCEL.
Now, let me answer your question: “”what TWO things would you ask me about progressing in your career?””
1. I am writing VBA codes using Microsoft Office Excel 2007. I go to the editor by pressing Alt+F11, which some expert suggested on the net. After finishing my code, when I open my code file, I click the ‘Options’ button, then choose the ‘Enable the content’ and click ‘OK’. This runs my code. Is it okay if I copy and give this kind of a programme file to small offices and to individuals?
2. On the forums, I have seen some of the replies given by some experts with few lines of code, whereas a reply from my side would have taken more lines of code. So, is there a FREE course to learn to shorten the lines in my code file, if this subject is not dealt with in your course?
Thanks for your time. I do appreciate your FREE offer which will surely be beneficial to people like me.
Carry on the good Service, Mr. Anwar.
-P. Michael”
“I will leave you feedback once I have read your e-book. The two questions that I would ask you are:

1. What can I do everyday that will bring me closer to mastering excel? I am a Revenue Accountant and excel is very important. The issue is that I am limited in my excel know how and feel that this is holding me back.
2. What are great negotiating techniques?”
GMAIL 16 Spet 16
do to get more luc job Yes I am struggling with my accounting Job but paying so poor, I want to break,
do to get more luc job hi Sohail i always read you emails when i have time..and this is has motivated me. Well i have
do to get more luc job been with the same organisation for 6 years and i feel it is time i left. Well for starters i feel
do to get more luc job frustrated and no progress in my career. So i have started applying to various organisations and
do to get more luc job like you i do concur about the marketing..almost everything around us involves marketing. So i
do to get more luc job would like to learn more from you
do to get more luc job Hello Sohail
do to get more luc job What came across for me while reading the inspirational mail you wrote is courage.
do to get more luc job Courage to
do to get more luc job step out and do something different. I have been wanting to grow in my career and do something
do to get more luc job different but have lacked the courage to do so, mainly because I’m afraid to fail. There’s a position
do to get more luc job that is being advertised at workFinance
do to get more luc job Business Partner , I’ve thinking about applying. I am a
do to get more luc job Business Controller and getting this position would definitely be a step in the right direction in
do to get more luc job terms of my career growth.
do to get more luc job Reading your mail, made me think. I’m going to apply for that position ☺.
do to get more luc job Hi Sohail,
do to get more luc job Excellent write up.
do to get more luc job I’m still knocking on the PMO Analyst doors and coming close a few times. I’ve also recently
do to get more luc job started to study and to understand Business Analyst roles /functions very closely with the aim of
do to get more luc job breaking into that area.
do to get more luc job I’m definitely not giving up after couple of interviews and I will not resign myself to the same role in the same company. I’m
do to get more luc job sure very soon the time for my big break will arrive soon when everything will come together.
do to get more luc job Semeon Monehin
do to get more luc job I missed the Zero to Guru training for the most ridiculous reasons of not getting to read your
do to get more luc job emails. I had them all read BEFORE Zero to Guru was mentioned. 7 emails together. Well, what’s
do to get more luc job done is done. I am waiting for the next session. Meanwhile my new boss the BEST EXCEL person
do to get more luc job in our organization (We are in projects business) and following your advice and seeing my boss as
do to get more luc job well I will Insha Allah take the course.
do to get more luc job As for breaking in to more lucrative sector, well, energy sector I’m working in and it’s the PMO I’m
do to get more luc job running. It’s my 8th career year and in the long run I see myself in human capital development
do to get more luc job sector. I really do. Teaching, development and improvement is what excites me. So how do you
do to get more luc job see it?
do to get more luc job Yes, I like your emails and the message you share. Does your excel program work if I use excel for
do to get more luc job
do to get more luc job Great post.
do to get more luc job yes that’s me breaking
do to get more luc job free to bigger and better.
do to get more luc job Currently doing well just need to take the next step to cotracting
do to get more luc job On Wednesday, 22 June 2016 5:45 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:
do to get more luc job
Lesson 3 All i can say is this is so enlightening and am learning from it
Ultimately, career success Hi Sohail,
Ultimately, career success After several attempts as a controller, I’m leaving the finance department and will pursue my career in
Ultimately, career success admin(Corporate Underwriting).
Ultimately, career success I will miss my current job, but there never has been growth and satisfaction.
Ultimately, career success Thank you for the motivational mails, but I would like to be part of the group and would want to master
Ultimately, career success excel to a Guru level.
Ultimately, career success Regards,
Lesson 4] Wow! this actually blew me away too.
Lesson 4] Please, I would like to know the details of how to effectively make hiring managers visualise.
Lesson 4] Hope to hear from you soonest.
Lesson 4] Hello Sohail,
Lesson 4] I absolutely want to know the details of how to effectively make hiring managers visualize as you did.
Lesson 4] This was amazing insight! Thank you!
Lesson 4] Hi Sohail
Lesson 4] I was made redundant, 􀀀
Lesson 4] I am now looking for work, any tips would be so
Lesson 4] Hello Sohail,
Lesson 4] It’s undoubtedly a privilege to have this kind of conversation with you at this moment. I got this at the right time. I have an
Lesson 4] interview scheduled tomorrow, Please let me know how effectively I can grasp the pain of hiring manager and convince
Lesson 4] him that I am capable of doing what he is looking for.
Lesson 4] What I would like to do is, as I have very short time, I would go through company’s profile and its progress for last couple
Lesson 4] quarters.
Lesson 4] I would prepare how to pitch myself and also the two things you taught me Positioning
Lesson 4] and Messaging.
Lesson 4] Guide me what else I could do to grab their attention?
Lesson 4] Hoping I’ll get reply by end of day today. Thanks,
Lesson 4] Lakshmi..
Lesson 4] Hello Sohail,
Lesson 4] I want to know how to effectively make hiring managers visualise.
Lesson 4] Regards
Lesson 4] Hi Sohail,
Lesson 4] I would like to know the details of how to effectively make hiring managers visualize. I have an
Lesson 4] interview this week and I know that these details will be really helpful.
Lesson 4] Also, I really like your excel program and as an aspiring financial analyst, I would like to learn this
Lesson 4] skill. I wanted to make the payment, but I found the program closed. When is it going to reopen?
Lesson 4] Caroline.
Lesson 4] Thanks for insight Sohail.
Lesson 4] So,how do I make them visualize this?
Lesson 4] Fortune
Lesson 4] Please send me more details about how to visualise the hiring manger.
Lesson 4] great piece of idea, I always like your advises, please go on…
Lesson 4] Hi Sohail,
Lesson 4] Sure, id like to know the details on how to make managers visualise.
Lesson 4] Thank you in advance.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a First of all I would like to send my apologize for missing your emails quite a while. Recently, the
[Lesson 2] Interviews a company that I am currently work for is performing below the plan given in the beginning of the
[Lesson 2] Interviews a financial year. Thus, managers are pushing hard of what they have got to increase overall
[Lesson 2] Interviews a employees’ productivity.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a I myself do not find it too difficult when working under high pressure because as long as I know
[Lesson 2] Interviews a what I am doing, I will finish it. However, recently my direct manager is so busy that he do not have
[Lesson 2] Interviews a much time to allocate the tasks for me as well as giving me enough instructions for the task
[Lesson 2] Interviews a assigned. That is the reason why I need your advise on what I should do to improve this situation
[Lesson 2] Interviews a and make my work smoother.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Many thanks for your consideration and support,
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Best of lucks,
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Regards,
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Huy Nguyen
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Hi
[Lesson 2] Interviews a First of all I would like to thank you for all your inspiring posts. Keep them coming 􀀀
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Before I answer your question about positioning, I’d like to give you a brief background about myself.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a I am 30 years old. Born in Aruba but currently living in The Netherlands for 7 years now.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a I have landed a job Immediately after graduating (MSc. Logistics Manager) in September 2015.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a In my probation period the Logistics Manager asked me if I could be his right hand.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Off course that question blew my mind as I had no idea how I am going to fulfill this role with no experience just only educational
[Lesson 2] Interviews a background.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a I took the challenge and my motto was/is keep him happy! meaning just try to impress him as much as I can and just being myself!!
[Lesson 2] Interviews a So far its working 􀀀
[Lesson 2] Interviews a To answer your question, I basically listen to everything he has to say. He expresses all his frustrations to me and I try to relief his
[Lesson 2] Interviews a pain as much as I can.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a I proactively take over some projects and I give him advice on how to do things. I take actions based on what has been said. In other
[Lesson 2] Interviews a words, cure his pain.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Do you know more approaches on how to relief your bosses pain? What actions can i take?
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Thanks.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Have a nice day.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Greetings,
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Belinda
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Hello Sohail,
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Thanks for your time and first lesson. It’s worth a lot.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Considering my past experience, I could say, I’m pretty good at positioning as I read Company’s
[Lesson 2] Interviews a profile and their progress before I go for the interview. But I’m not sure how capable I’m at
[Lesson 2] Interviews a messaging. I get nervous or confused at the interview process which might be a reason for not
[Lesson 2] Interviews a conveying the message properly.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a here’s my confusion again, so you are telling that as per the interviewer, I need to understand his
[Lesson 2] Interviews a need and convey him that I had the same kinda situation and how efficiently and effectively I got
[Lesson 2] Interviews a through it, by creating one even if there is no such thing happened in my prior experience. Is that
[Lesson 2] Interviews a right?
[Lesson 2] Interviews a so, I have to analyse the critical situations to be expected in a project and I should be ready with
[Lesson 2] Interviews a proper answer for each scenario. Okay.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Another question, hoping you do not mind, how specific should be the career objective on resume?
[Lesson 2] Interviews a do we have to change it according to the job requirement/company we are submitting to or should
[Lesson 2] Interviews a be in a generalized way which we can use for any company?
[Lesson 2] Interviews a And I will definitely try to improve my messaging by properly analyzing the different critical
[Lesson 2] Interviews a scenarios of a project. I’ll be waiting for the next lesson.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Thank you,
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Lakshmi
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Hi Sohail,
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Thank you for this informative piece you are sharing; ‘it’s truely not about you’.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a I will consider carefully from now on the Job Specifications in a job advert prior to updating my
[Lesson 2] Interviews a resume and applying for the job. I will ensure I am in the mind of the hiring manager in outlining my
[Lesson 2] Interviews a responses and updating my resume. Be it a job application or an interview.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a This is how I intend to change my positioning and messaging.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Regards
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Chimaobi Okpara
[Lesson 2] Interviews a
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Hi Sohail
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Finally I am considering to enroll in your course, I got one question though:
[Lesson 2] Interviews a How is it structure in terms of practising? is it a follow step by step your training videos?
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Do you provide solutions to those exercises and/or support in case of doubts, questions, etcetera?
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Thanks for your time.
[Lesson 2] Interviews a Camilo Garavito Castillo
Ultimately, career success Hi Sohail,
Ultimately, career success A very meaningful note.
Ultimately, career success I really love the way you put your thoughts into a message. Each lines are striking and highly motivating.
Ultimately, career success Thank you.
Ultimately, career success Dear Sohail
Ultimately, career success To say thank you will be an understatement. I have more than appreciated your invaluable stuff
Ultimately, career success that you had been sending over the past few weeks. To prove my appreciation will lie in the
Ultimately, career success application of those great skills of marketing that you had been instilling in me.
Ultimately, career success I am unable to write you a well expressed mail due to pressure of work, for now, but will do so in
Ultimately, career success the near future nonetheless receive my sincere appreciation and may God bless you.
Ultimately, career success regards,
Ultimately, career success Tavengwa

Career Yes, I am trying to break into a lucrative six digit salary job though in my country we don’t have the
Career luxury of super higher companies so I want to squeeze in the few around.

Great post.
yes that’s me breaking
free to bigger and better.
Career Currently doing well just need to take the next step to cotracting

Excel Yes, I like your emails and the message you share. Does your excel program work if I use excel for Mac

Career I’m still knocking on the PMO Analyst doors and coming close a few times. I’ve also recently started to study and to understand Business Analyst roles /functions very closely with the aim of breaking into that area.
Career I’m definitely not giving up after couple of interviews and I will not resign myself to the same role in the same company. I’m sure very soon the time for my big break will arrive soon when everything will come together.

Career Thank you very much you are inspiring me a lot , would like to move from my current job role in mid management into executive management.

Career I am trying to break from twenty something thousand to forty thousand o above.Will like to know the skills

Hello Sohail
What came across for me while reading the inspirational mail you wrote is courage.
Courage to
step out and do something different. I have been wanting to grow in my career and do something
different but have lacked the courage to do so, mainly because I’m afraid to fail. There’s a position
that is being advertised at workFinance
Business Partner , I’ve thinking about applying. I am a
Business Controller and getting this position would definitely be a step in the right direction in
terms of my career growth.
Reading your mail, made me think. I’m going to apply for that position ☺.

hi Sohail i always read you emails when i have time..and this is has motivated me. Well i have
been with the same organisation for 6 years and i feel it is time i left. Well for starters i feel
frustrated and no progress in my career. So i have started applying to various organisations and
like you i do concur about the marketing..almost everything around us involves marketing. So i
would like to learn more from you

Yes I am struggling with my accounting Job but paying so poor, I want to break,

Hello Sohail
I first need to apologies, although I signed up for you program I have yet to be able to sign on for
even one session? I believe you indicated that I would have unlimited access to the modules via
your portal but please confirm.
I recently accepted a new role a VP, Finance for company in the USA and have been traveling
With that said I fully expect to complete the program at a later date once things settle down a bit.
I do still enjoy receiving your emails and am looking forward to completing your program.
Many thanks

Yes, I am trying to break into a lucrative six digit salary job though in my country we don’t have the
luxury of super higher companies so I want to squeeze in the few around.

Hi Sohail,
I am in charge of company’s Accounts Receivables, so appreciate if you can send me some excel
report like the dso the ar analysis and other excel reports pertaining to receivables.
thanks and love lots,

Sohail Anwar
Could u plz tell me about v look up n h lookup y these tools has been usex and how and also teme
about pivot table.

Hello Sohail,
I have been reading your newsletters all this while.
The stages of development in the use of excel in the work place are what I will like to master. these
includes but are not limited to data processing, reporting, pivots, formulas, up to macro and
automation which I believe will come later.
Joining your training program will make me a better person I believe.
I am a finance person by qualification, my job function is cost controller in an upstream oil major,
thus the high need to use excel on the job.
Best regards.
Abubakar Ibrahim

Thank you for your expressed interest in my personal excel needs. Basically I’m at a point where I
feel very confident in my formula and data knowledge in excel but no idea when it comes to VBA
scripting and basics in making the macros. I would appreciate any / all information when it comes
to that.
Thank you,

Hello Sohail,
I really need to know vlookup and pivot tables.

Hi Sohail
I am looking to get additional knowledge on Dashboards and pivot tables.
Also, looking to see if you have any sample dashboards created for Human Resources.

Hi Sohail
My excel level is intermediate, so. I’m more interested in shot cut keyboard, data modeling, and
macros. I have been looking into so many YOUTUBE Tutorials for this purpose

Thanks Sohail! I am looking forward to reading through your book.
In regards to Excel, often there is the need to convert time into various formats. I would be interested in that
and I also am hoping to better understand pivot tables and examples of how/when they could be used

Sohail Anwar
thanks a lot for your response,
it is so nice of you to keep in touch with me,
by the way, would you please explain HLookup, vlookup
Kind regards,

Thank you very much for sharing most needed topics with us. Can you help me in preparing in
financial modelling.

Excel for financial risk management, to manage how price change, duration affects risk of funding

Helo dear Sohail,
Thank you for contact from your side. I would like learn about macros and VBA. I’m using each day
excel in my work, but that are only formulas like: vlookup, sumif, round etc…I’m making a lot of
statements in excel for our Top management, I’m making also our monthly financial statement. I
think that macros and VBA can simplyfiy my work.
What do you think about this?
Thank you so much and have a nice day.

Hi Sohail
Thanks, as your suggestion for day 2 lesson I would like to get comfortable on the V lookups
Nelly Phiri

Yes good thanks I think I will start with vlookup as a refresh and progress to VBA
Regards Alan
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On 22 Feb 2016, at 07:31, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Thanks Sohail,
Sorry I hadn’t been able to go through all materials sent , but i will in the course of month.
Any Help with Pivot tables and data analysis will be Appreciated.
On 22 February 2016 at 10:31, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hi Sohail,
Good day. Thanks for your mail. Is it possible to design a project management through excel. I mean from planning to implementation stage as well as
monitoring and evaluation part also.
On Monday, 22 February 2016, 13:31, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Good day Sohail,
I appreciate the personal assistance you provide. I am would like some guidance on V&HLOOKUP
Thanks for asking,
On Feb 22, 2016, at 1:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hi Sohail
Many thanks for your time and book, I have found it very interesting. I am currently doing a CDT
(PhD) in 3D printing at the University of Nottingham, so I will mainly use Excel for tables, pivot
tables and formulas. Still, I was planning to learn a bit of everything by the end of my PhD.
Best regards
7:30 GMT+00:00 Sohail Anwar :

Hi Sohail,
Yes it would be great if you could share more VBA lessons.
Thank you,
On Feb 22, 2016, at 2:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

I have many years of experience using Excel. However, I don’t have much exposure to big data.
I am interested in building a practice to teach and or train people to use Excel.
What specific areas in Excel do you suggest I concentrate on. I am very familiar with pivot table,
functions, conditional formatting, etc. However, I did not spend too much time with VBA.
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 2:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hi Sohal,
Thanks for contacting me.
I would personally thank you for the lessons which you gave to so many of them and am sure
every one will be thankful to you. Thank you very much for the same.
I do not work or use excel for any business but the learnt from your files some of them. The
difficulty I found is that the excel file which are downloaded are not in particular format of excel.
Could you please advice how to convert the downloaded files so the excel formula works.
I will appreciate your help and advice in this issues.
Thank you very much,
Dilipkumar Shrivas
Mon, 22/2/16, Sohail Anwar wrote:
Subject: What specific Excel and Career topics can I help you out with?
To: “Dilipkumar Shrivas”
Date: Monday, 22 February, 2016, 1:01 PM
What specific Excel and Career topics can I help you
out with?

I hope you have had a good weekend. I’m
getting in touch briefly to ask what topics within in Excel
I can help you out with. I am going to start creating more
content and it would be good to make as much of it as
relevant to you as possible.
Also, as you may know, I talk about career
progression as it’s a topic that I know as much as
Excel, so if there is anything you would like to know, let
So please hit reply and ask me. I will read every
response but sometimes it’s tricky to respond to every
person who replies back.
Many thanks and have a great week

Hi Sohail
My weekend was good. The topic I would like to know more about is the career
progression since am new in the corporate world. My question is how much should one
save, spend, invest and give to GOD?
I will appreciate your response in advising on same.
Regards and have a blessed week.
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 10:31 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

excel pre defined
sheets with basic for IFRS reporting
excel pre defined
cash flow monitor & cash flow budget forecasting taking into account 3 criterias
investments, finance, operations
brian fin
This email has been sent from a virusfree
computer protected by Avast.
8:31 GMT+01:00 Sohail Anwar :

Hi Sohail,
I would like to learn/know more about graphs and also the pivot tables.
thanks so much.
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 5:30 PM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hi Sohail
I would like to know more about the following;
1. VBA
2. Advanced excel formulas
3. Creation of excel dashboards
Thanks & Regards,
Abdi Hassan.
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 10:31 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

working towards being a GM however i am also want a certification in Enterprise architecture.
How do i go about it?
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 8:31 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Salaam Brother,
Firstly, would like to thank you for the good work that you do. Appreciate the efforts.
I do not really know if I shall be getting any reply back coz perhaps you may get about many many
emails like me. But just hoping I shall be getting one.
I wish to ask you something related to both excel and career.
I am currently working as an HRIS manager mainly responsible for the MIS and the HR software of
the company in Saudi Arabia. My work is mostly excel reports etc., So I can say I am fairly good in
excel even though I often take help from excel gurus like Mr. Excel, ExcelIsfun, chandoo. Now, that
I have come across you I shall be asking you more and more questions.
I wish to change my career and become a business analyst. Can you guide me?
I know I am just being outright in asking you this. But just shooting in the dark and feel no
I shall be indebted to you if you can guide me towards the proper direction.
Shoeb Hakeem.
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 02:30:37 0500
Subject: What specific Excel and Career topics can I help you out with?

Hi Sohail
Lovely weekend, thank you. Hope you had a nice one too.
My skills are very basic in Excel, as I did not need at the beginning of my career in finance.
However as I am studying towards my accounting qualifications I need to brush up my skills.
In terms of excelling and reaching the Intermediate or advanced level in Excel. Learning the
formulas, vlookups etc etc.
Hence any help you can give, would be much appreciated.
Kind regards
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 02:30:41 0500
Subject: What specific Excel and Career topics can I help you out with?

I am in accounting, cash receipts, and looking to automate tasks. My goal is to learn vba. I am
learning a lot from the ebook you sent us. Thank you!
Thank you,
Richie Salazar
2450 Ashdale Dr Apt 124 Austin, TX 78757
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 1:31 AM, Sohail Anwar

Dear Mr. Anwar,
thank you very much for your helpful Excel manual that provides a comprehensive overview of
Excel features, with concrete illustrations of the examples.
Your Excel formulas heat map is terrific and showes a clear review of possibilities for solving
I have been very long period in excel (previously I was engaged with Lotus 123)
and use most
common math, financial, logical, database, text and lookup formulas and tried to ease the
process od data analysis.
Best regards,
Marjana Buljan,
financial analyst
From: Sohail Anwar
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2016 8:30 AM
To: Marjana Buljan
Subject: What specific Excel and Career topics can I help you out with?

Pivot tables
On 22 Feb 2016 9:31 AM, “Sohail Anwar” wrote:

Hi Sohail,
Thanks for your email.
And i would like to ask you how shall i prevent an excel sheet from even being copied to another sheet
which always open my protection.
thanks in advance,
On Monday, February 22, 2016 9:31 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Dear Sohail,
Thank you very much. I am currently setting up a modified accounting procedures for my
organization. I will contact you if I am in need of customized formulas. In the mean time you can
inform me if you have anything that will help me in doing so.
Best Regards,
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 10:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hi Sohail,
I would be interested in learning about financial modelling
On 22 Feb 2016 07:30, “Sohail Anwar” wrote:

Hi Sohail,
Many thanks for your approach and offer it is really impressive to me
as a matter of fact i am more interested in pivot tables as well as statistical / financial
i will let you know more soon as i am interested in presentation charts as well
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 9:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

I use excel for design…am an engineer ..I would like to focus on macros.
On 2/22/16, Sohail Anwar wrote:
> Hi Julius
> I hope you have had a good weekend. I’m getting in touch briefly to ask what
> topics within in Excel I can help you out with. I am going to start creating
> more content and it would be good to make as much of it as relevant to you
> as possible.
> Also, as you may know, I talk about career progression as it’s a topic that
> I know as much as Excel, so if there is anything you would like to know, let
> me know.
> So please hit reply and ask me. I will read every response but sometimes
> it’s tricky to respond to every person who replies back.
> Many thanks and have a great week
> Sohail

I had a good weekend and hope you have the same.
currently i’m having a command on a basic excel and I would like to learn some of the tools which
can help to prepare the budget and cash flow related to project finance.
I hope you can help me with this.
looking for your expert advice.
Many thanks & regards,
Rumit shah
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Top Specific excel list are the excel skills needed for presentation: Vlookup, pivot table and
On Monday, 22 February 2016, 7:30, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Thanks for your mail, I am interested in creating waterfall charts and how to use the ‘if’ functions.
Looking forward to your response.
E. Kasambala
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 9:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

V look ups and pivot tables
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On Feb 22, 2016, at 2:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hi Anwar,
I need excel formular for our family saving group. If you accept to help me out then i will explain
how the whole saving and loan sys. Works.
Thanks alot bro.
By the way am an accountant(CPA).
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message From:
Sohail Anwar
Date: 22/02/2016 10:31 (GMT+03:00)
To: Nsubuga isaac
Subject: What specific Excel and Career topics can I help you out with?

I want to learn how to connect with databases, writing SQL queried in excel and also power pivot
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Sohail Anwar

Good morning,
I will like to use excel for my accounting work as an accountant and would appreciate the effective
use of it
On career topics, i would like topics and finance and account.
Do have a great day.
Thank you
On Monday, February 22, 2016 8:31 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hi Sohail,
I am a French PMO Analyst and I want to become a PPM Consultant
I am using Excel for 10 years and I have good skills on it (complex formulas, VBA) but I want to
perform in processing data with Microsoft EPM 2013 by using Self BI, SQL connection and so one
to produce reporting quickly and efficiently.
Thank you
On Monday, 22 February 2016, 8:30, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hello Sohail,
Thank you for your email.
I would like to learn more about making pivot tables and macro’s.
Thanks in advance and best regards,
PS: you are doing a great job!
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 02:30:56 0500
Subject: What specific Excel and Career topics can I help you out with?

Hi Sohail,
Thanks for reaching out to me, I appreciate it.
I really want to know more about advance formulas in excel and I recently got a new job where it is
the first time that I am deal with large amount of data and where the reporting are in spreadsheet
and as such I want to work smart.
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 2:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

Hi Sohail,
Having read a bit of your book all I need at the moment is getting the 27 money formulas at my
finger tips before proceeding to more complicated topics. I tried to watch the lessons but the server
is not returning any data. maybe it connectivity issue!
Another area is ‘ How do I predict questions at the interview’ by interpreting the advert for the job?
Many thanks
On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 10:30 AM, Sohail Anwar wrote:

I want you to please help me know how to draw graphs with excel auto additions and all that in
excel that will keep me moving ahead
On Feb 22, 2016 8:30 AM, “Sohail Anwar” wrote:

Hi Sohail,
In the past I have used Excel vba to run Stored Procedures and SQL queries, but can’t it run
This advance feature which I have struggled within in worst case Queries and Stored Procedures
If you have knowledge how to do this task Asynchronous it would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 02:30:45 0500
Subject: What specific Excel and Career topics can I help you out with?

Thanks for your mail. Very interested in Vba
On Feb 22, 2016 7:30 AM, “Sohail Anwar” wrote:

Thanks Mr. Sohail.
I like your detailed and directed reply. I know you have immense amount of email subscriber.
I want to use excel to its maximum, and I like big data manipulation and visualization, which
include advance, long & complex formulas, functions, arrays, Power BI and Power Pivot.
Currently I have a difficulty in the these functions and their respective usage.
Normal (all Excel Versions)
=ROWS(), ROW(), COLUMNS(), COLUMN() (all in complex formulas)
Advanced Functions & Formulas
Cube functions (Excel 2016 Professional)
duplicate and unique values
& Chart Dynamics
mix values (separate numbers & text) e.g. From “Phone:+44(0)568 563 6578” to
+44(0)568 563 6578
I know VBA is more powerful, since it gives customized solutions. But it is difficult to learn, for me,
since I have other urgent and important commitments.
My only question to you, can we customized our work in excel, without using VBA and power
pivot or pivot table?