FAQ on Zero 2 Excel Guru Course

I wanted to take this opportunity to answer frequently asked questions about the course, from students and people who subscribe to my emails .

Q1. Do you offer a certification for the course?

This is a very common one that I get, you go through the course and you get a lovely, shiny, wonderful, bright, nicely formatted and framed certification? No, I don’t do that. Certifications are games.

I’ve done fairly well in my career. Within 7 - 8 years my £27,000 salary has gone to just under a £200,000 salary. I did that and without any certification. I was kicked out of my first university; took some time off; went to my second university and came out with the equivalent of a C grade average. Not because I am not bright but because I don’t care for other people’s ways, structures and approaches for doing things. I don’t care. I came into the real world and learned the right way to do things. I tried, tested, failed and went through some horribly embarrassing situations. I managed to get some incredible mentors who helped me along the way and I came to the conclusion, quite a while ago, that not only do you not need certifications but pursuing them is negative. It will create and cultivate the wrong mindset in you. Let me explain to you.

The main reason people pursue certifications is with honest intentions to develop themselves and do the right thing. However the reality is that they do it because others have done. A success story is heard which plants the seed that if the same thing is done then the same outcomes will be achieved without thinking of the extent of what was involved in that other person’s success.

I’ll share my very realistic journey, it’s the upper end of realistic, of getting to a £200,000 salary or $300,000. Right. It’s still a challenge for most people but if you achieve that, you are going to live well and be comfortable in your life. ‘Comfort’. People do certifications because once they’ve got that certification, they feel comfortable. A certification sits comfortably on the CV and it is believed that to go for the job you’ll need that certification. No, this is not true and in my course, I teach you the alternative of certifications, and the alternative is the correct way to market yourself. This is something that is far more powerful.

You know I’ve been a hiring manager and I’ve worked with hiring managers so I know we just do not care about certifications. Hiring managers have pains, problems and are depressed. They have projects to deliver and they need someone who can deliver them. They are not looking for someone who can show a certificate, they are looking for someone that can show that they are brilliantly competent and have solved their kind of problems in similar organizations. A certification has got nothing to do with that or even a part of it. I am living proof that that is true and the students that I have helped go from the same thing, circa£20K-£30K salaries to over the 6 figure mark and I tell them all to avoid certifications.

Many years ago when I was a junior, one of my managers wanted to bring someone who had done finance projects. We were changing our finance backend process so we wanted someone who could handle all the transformation relating to that. We got this lovely Indian guy with his impressive CV. I was young at the time and when my manager showed it to my I was thought this guy was incredible with his 20 certifications, AMP, 3 project management certifications, CCNA which is a Cisco infrastructure course. He was also a qualified accountant and done things like legal certifications. I was really impressed that he had managed to find the time to do all of this. While I was in awe of this amazing guy, my manager just looked at it and laughed and told me he is an idiot. An idiot because all he had done was produce a massive list of certifications and in doing so, made himself look very unfocused. He came across as someone who was just showing off at what he has achieved. A hiring manager doesn’t care about what you have achieved, only what you can do for them. There is a big distinction there and I teach all that stuff in my course.

So no, I do not give certifications. One final thing I will say on this is, it is actually really easy for me to give you a certification. It would take me half an hour to get set up as a certification company, just like the Institute of Excel Professionals. There are so many people who sell out these kinds of certifications, I could do that but I have refused to do that. When I work with you I am your mentor not certificate provider. I cultivate your mindset; I want to change the way you think. I want to change the way that you approach your career, so you actually become successful. Not do the same nonsense everyone else does that get's mediocre results and wonder in 30 years time what went wrong.

Q2. Does the course content apply to all countries?

Yes. It doesn’t matter what country you live in. The course was built with Excel 2010 and which will remain for many, many years as with most products produced by big organizations. It applies to Excel products from 2007 to date. The core elements of Excel have remained the same regardless of which edition is used. Although some elements of functionality may have changed, a lot of it is just over kill, you don’t really need it. Part of what I do is to remove that. I teach you how to think and I teach you how to problem solve. I teach you the right skills and I teach you what not to do. Many of my students are from the developing nations of Africa and India so it’s a great opportunity to get your skills right and learn them from the guy like me who’s been doing this from many, many years.

Q3. How much time do I need to spend on the course?

I recommend about 3 - 5 hours a week. The more time you spend, of course, the better. In the course I recommend you do the lessons then go into work the next day with the exact points that I want you try out. This will really ground your learning then I would recommend that you go through that process again. Do the lessons multiple times and then once you’ve done the whole course, come back and do it again. And again. Refer to it as much as you need to.

Q4. What if I cannot keep up with you?

I deliver the course over the period of several weeks. You get one new module every week because I don’t want to overwhelm you. All material is prerecorded so you can do it when you can. If it takes you longer than 6 weeks that is absolutely fine. I will say though, every single day in your career is a window of opportunity so make sure that you are not delaying. If you delay your learning, you are delaying your opportunities and success so just avoid that as much as possible.

Q5. Can I email you for help?

Of course! You become my student, I work with you. You can email me but it has got to be within reason. I’ve had people email me asking me if I can build a massive report for them.


I am absolutely not going to do big pieces of work for you, apart from not having the time, it would rob you of the learning that is the point of doing a course. Of course, I will be happy to take a look at things you have built at work and give guidance and troubleshooting advice.

Q6. Can I get away without learning VBA?

I get this from finance people and accountants saying they don’t really need to learn VBA.

If you are a finance person you should learn a certain amount of VBA and I cover how much you should learn in the course but it is still a reasonable amount.

I have high expectations of my students and people who work with me. I am not trying to teach you Excel skills. I am all about making professionals out of you and Excel for me is a big part of that. If it was something else, like juggling batman mugs, I would teach you that. But, it’s not, and I don’t know how to juggle Batman mugs anyway!

Excel is massively important and VBA will help you to save time. Saving time is incredible! It’s going to allow you to solve your company’s other problems, allow you to do massive value added things. It will allow you free up time to then maybe research the market and see what other opportunities are available to you. That is how I accelerated, adding value, researching the market, applying for the jobs. That’s how you accelerate in your career and it all starts with saving time and VBA saves time. VBA skills are an asset and an asset is something, of course, which will pay you off for years and years and years and years to come.

You can learn enough tactical skills to do with running that report every month and learning a decent amount of formulas so you have got it down to three hours a month but it’s not an asset. You haven’t built an asset. An asset is a VBA skill. Imagine that same report you’re running 3 hours every month but now you have just automated it through VBA and macros. Every month you just press a button, it’s done and you save three hours every month. Incredible time saved.

So, I hold my students to high standards others may negotiate saying you don’t have to but I don’t. I want my students become the one percent of professionals that have prestige, promotions, salary and all that stuff.

Q7. I am not technical. Will I still be able to learn from your course?

This question was from the student doing something like an English degree but wants to go into finance and accounting.

Yes, is the answer because when I started building the course, I knew exactly what it was that I wanted to teach.

I take a very different approach to teaching VBA. Most courses and teachers will use the technical lingo but I don’t even know the names of these things because it doesn’t matter. I know how to build solutions, I know how to save time and I can create some badass reports. I can manage my day tracking to every kind of analysis out there but I still don’t know the names; I don’t care about that.

I know how to teach people to do scripting and programming in minutes. That’s what I care about and that’s what you get in the course. You will learn these things even if you are non-technical. I will teach you in a way that it will be so obvious to you. Remember, no one is born to be technical and none of those technical skills come naturally. It’s skill that can be taught like any other skill, and it can be taught and learned. It just takes practice and the right kind of approach from the teacher, which is something that I have tweaked in time.

Q8. ‘Thank you for your information. I think I am going to find a cheaper way to do it.’

First of all, my course isn’t massively expensive. When you think in terms of the return on the investment that you get, it’s huge. My course combines Excel and VBA.

It is a bit more expensive than some courses but you are getting a lot more than the average course. More importantly you are getting the ability to market those skills. No other course teaches you that because the teachers are not professionals and certainly not professionals like me who have gone from 27 to 200 grand.

Secondly, if you want to go for a cheaper course you should go for it because I am not going to be the kind of teacher that you want. Like I said, I hold my students to very high standards. I expect my students to become people who invest in themselves. If you haven’t done that before, if you haven’t invested in yourself, start with me and then I talk in my emails about the multitude of ways over the years that I have invested in myself.

If you are going to go with a cheaper alternative, just know who is that you are allowing to teach you, who you are allowing to make you better. It might be someone who got really good at Excel with have an MVP from Excel or has just written a book. Is it someone who is like you, someone who is ahead of you, someone who has that trajectory in your career? If you want those things, I am your guy. If you don’t want those things, go with some random who’s going to be cheaper. You do pay for what you get.

If all you’re thinking about is price, then as the saying goes, ‘You know the price of everything and the value of nothing.’

Q9. What does the course look like from the inside?

Once you sign up and register, you go through your registration email process. Then every week, you will get a new video and module, and that’s simply how it works. You click on the module and it opens up lessons and you go into each lesson. Some lessons have work books for you to work your way through. This video gives you a sneak peak too



Q10. Do you offer discounts?

I do not offer discounts however if finances are an issue for you, you have two options.

Option 1 - You can go via the monthly payment plan and cover the cost of the course over 3 months.

Option 2 - Save up then come back and register. 

When people ask me for discounts they are actually saying that they want it cheaper. What you are getting is 10+ years of my life, the best years of my career, condensed into a course. This is life changing stuff, it’s not just another Excel course so you can get good at VLookups. The philosophies in this course are going to change the way that you approach your career. So for selfish reasons, I am not going to demean all of my work with a discount

The non-selfish reasons, it comes down to what I said before, those people who ask for discount know the price of everything and the value of nothing. When I ask you to pay the full price, I am asking you to invest in yourself, take a risk and a leap of faith. Something changes when you’ve parted with your hard earned money, you immediately know you need to take this seriously.

Many years ago when I started coaching people, I did it for free and nothing was done with my advice. My mentor told me to start charging. Some people suddenly didn’t need my advice anymore but those who did pay, followed through! That’s what it’s about, following through. You’ve taken a risk, you will follow through and that is what I’d want from my students.

I want to work with people who have a high standard of themselves and in an environment surrounded by people who are hungry and who want to get better and better. I want my students to become in the 1% of professionals.

Now I highly recommend if you want to get your Excel skills in order, click the link below, register and I will see you inside the course and I thank you very much for you time and attention.