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"Get An MBA Equivalent Education in Mastering Excel & Advancing Your Career...But Do it In Much Less Time And Spend Way Less Money Than You Would Acquiring an MBA!"

Excel your career

Attention: Analysts, Accountants, Project Managers, Management Consultants, PMO's, IT Professionals and Other High Value Professionals;

Hi, I'm Sohail Anwar

  • Author, 6-Figure a Year Excel Professional Earner
  • And Preeminent Instructor of Specific Excel Skills in The Market Place to Create Scores of Respected, High Value, High Earning Excel Professionals.)

Dear Professional, (or Aspiring Professional)

I know first-hand about the deep inner queasiness and nervous tension that strikes, hoping against hope you’re not asked those two dreaded questions by family and friends…

Where are you now working?


How much do you make per hour?

They’re enough to make you want to hide under your duvet and not want to get out of bed in the mornings.

But listen…

If you would like to be amongst a tiny minority of Professionals who desperately want to know the elite levels skills that’ll have you become a super Excel Professional, whilst at the same time, advancing your career to new heights, then this will be the most important message you’ll read this year.

And the even better news?

You do not, I repeat, you do not need to invest the MBA equivalent in terms of time and money in acquiring the same MBA level Professional Excel skills and Professional Career skills that’ll impact your life for the better.

I’ve been working for the last 10 years in the world of finance, banking, commerce as an analyst, project manager and consultant and have attained very Senior Positions within a number of blue chip companies.

Excel Projects with Companies

But as you’ll see, it wasn’t always that way. I had the same worries and troubles you do.

In fact let me ask you, do you worry, fret, are continually frustrated with the way your Professional Excel skills aren’t to the level you’d like them to be?

Are you continually pained, chastising yourself in your quiet moments at the way your career should be taking off, but for whatever reason, you just can’t get it moving in the right direction, you’re stuck, seemingly for an indefinite period?

Like I say, you’re not alone. I was in your shoes. In fact, I was so deep in the misery of it all that I simply did not know where to turn. Literally.

Here I was, over a decade ago, a troubled graduate, with very little prospect of acquiring a decent paying job. I had very little self-confidence. Put those things together and you’ll see that…

I definitely wasn’t on the top of the‘Most Wanted Professionals’ hit list!

And what Analyst jobs I did get that were higher up in status rung; I just couldn’t put my heart into it. It all seemed too routine, too mechanical, too boring. Yet I knew there was more to be gained but I just didn’t know the ropes, I didn’t know how to raise myself up, how to rise up to the senior ranks.

I was 100% sure there was a secret game being played around me and I had no clue how to get in on it all

If that wasn’t enough, going to the office everyday was a chore. I had to drag myself to get up in the mornings in ways you wouldn’t believe.

Maybe if I’m lucky, grab a quick cup of coffee or rapidly down half a bowl of cereal and I’m out the door - ready to do battle with thousands of other workers and employees for platform space on the buses or trains.

And, maybe you’re like me, hoping against all hope that when you do manage to get on your transport of choice, you’re not faced with the prospect of huddling up to a sweaty band of commuters because the trains or buses being jammed packed with people -- all going to their respective places of work, doing the kind of work that they rarely enjoy doing, going to a place they rarely enjoy going to.

Yes. And this all happens before you get to your office!

And what happens when you eventually do get to your office? Well you're expected to perform and produce miracles. There are important Projects to be completed, tight deadlines to be met, important meetings to attend, crucial presentations to be made, conflicts to resolve. It’s endless. No. It’s a daily nightmare.

But it’s not even over because then, once the work day is over with, you've got to make that same commuter trek home again. Only this time, you’re amongst a bunch of weary, flat, pooped out souls who, just like you, are probably carrying their work home with them. And, at whatever time you do manage to make it to your front door, you’ve got to tend to dinner, the children if you have them, maybe watch a little bit of television or surf the net, tickle the cat, get in a meaningful chat with your spouse or significant other if you’re in a relationship.

Which all leads to the question --

How on earth are you to find the time to improve your skills, develop your career, improve your salary?

I know for me whilst I was doing this daily grind, I thought “God, if I can just get this career thing nailed, I know it would change my life, I know it!”

So fast forward a decade or so. What changed?

WelI, I changed. Because, I’d had enough of it by then. I couldn’t take the daily grind anymore. I couldn’t take not having happy, joyous sincere answers to those haunting questions: where are you now working?
& how much do you now make per hour?
I couldn’t take working in places and in roles I had no connection with. I couldn’t take owning very few Professional Excel skills yet knew that mastering that very skill would be the launch pad to me having good things happen to me in my life.

So, I changed my outlook. My thinking. My friend’s circle.

The BIG key?

I got external help from a series of mentors who showed me the way. Who believed in me. Who showed me the right way. Frankly, I couldn’t do it without them.

And let me quickly add that it didn’t happen overnight but I pretty much changed everything. Whatever wasn’t working for me, I changed it. You see, whether I realised it or not I ached for a better life. A more respectable career. A better than good enough salary that would eliminate any money issues or worries I had building up both inside me, and… inside my then, very disillusioned wife.

And what did those changes ultimately bring me?

In a nutshell – security, internal peace and the knowledge that no matter what happens in the economy, I’ll be better than okay. That my family will be looked after.

I want you to experience what it feels like to have zero fears about being laid off, about being made redundant or being fired, because that’s exactly how I feel.

How can I have such inside certainty that my professional life and my financial security and family security is fully secured?

The reason is because of my investing in myself for over 10+ years. I’ve learned and acquired a set of professional Excel skills that are very much in demand by the marketplace. So much so that my career path has rocketed.

Not only that, I found out what it really takes to get the kind of role and position you want. And, how to negotiate the kind of salary you want. Quite honestly, my career wasn’t that important to me, until I realised how important and valuable I needed to make myself, first. I learned how to do that.

And, I’m going to show you the exact path to take so you can become so valued and so indispensable that your employers will never want to let you go.

And yet, if they did, if they did let you go, you have a set of priceless skills you own that’ll have you back into the marketplace within in a few short weeks at most. And that too, you’ll be in a much better position…with more responsibility and seniority and…with a much higher salary.

That’s the kind of concrete security I’m talking about.

Now whether or not you’re turned off by salary figures, you should know that personally for me, because of knowing how to use these high level Excel skills and how to negotiate my various roles, knowing that has enabled me to command a £200k salary within 7 years and has given me the strength and confidence to never ever be out high value employment…unless I choose to be.

It’s a very liberating position to be in

You may not want a six-figure salary, and that’s perfectly fine. I chose to do so because my aims and desires were just that, my own.

You might however want to know what these Professional high level Excel skills are so you can be amongst the most knowledgeable and respected Professionals in your organisation.

You might also want to know the detailed inside information about careers, negotiation and salaries that can help you be fully equipped and fully prepared for whatever your next career move will be.



My very best training and guidance condensed in to courses spanning over 30 Hours of Video Lessons and workbooks on Excel/VBA skills and Career Progression

Beginner to Intermediate Excel Course

Whether you're  new to Excel or if you want to revitalise and refresh your Excel skills, this is the video training that'll help you bridge that gap and have you up to speed, fast

Excel Expert

Analysis, Reports, Formulas, Formatting: When to do what. Everything in Excel you need to succeed in your work to very advanced levels (8+ hours)

Excel VBA

VBA is an incredibly powerful skill because the right level of VBA skills can free up enormous amounts of time for you. Go from beginner to advanced in this training (11+ hours)

Excel Project Management

A growing library of some of the best solutions I have developed in my career covering for you to benefit from; Finance, Analysis and Project Management/ PMO

Career Progression

My flagship content on Career Progression. Based on everything I have learned from trial, error and mentors that have allowed me to create a £200k a year income

LinkedIn Mastery

The world's no.1 LinkedIn expert Mark Williams on using this tool to get your next job. Featuring secrets and insights he shared just for my students

CV's and Interviews

A course on CV's and Interview best practice for professionals who use Excel in their work. Based on insights I have gained from getting 23 offers in 10 years

Excel Video Series

A growing collection of video training from myself and others on psychology and mindset training that will shift your thinking and move you ahead in work and life

“Mastering Excel has been my biggest challenge: I am typically not good at anything that involves numbers; however that perception changed when I enrolled for Sohail’s Excel course. Previously, I have tried to learn Excel through several methods, ranging from learning on YouTube, to one-to-one tuition, but all these approaches left me more confused and despising Excel. I was able to clearly understand Excel on this course because Excel lessons are extremely explicit, structured using various real world scenarios, that even complex subjects such as VBA was explained from the basics, which provided the solid foundation for proper comprehension of the subject throughout the course.As Excel is pivotal to my role as PMO Analyst, this course has given me the confidence required to function effectively in my daily work. I will strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Excel, especially in the PMO context.”

- Ade from London (PMO Analyst)

Take A Tour of The Course Site to See What You Get Once You Sign Up!

All materials and courses are methodically structured, coordinated, systematized and have been painstakingly put together in a specific way so you can get the most out of the material.

This is the very material that I have used in the past and still continue to use to accelerate and advance my career.

You’re going to love it.

And, at the same time you may in fact... hate it!

Why do I say that?

That’s because, when you get access to the material, it’ll soon dawn on you that there’s been another game being played all around you, and yet, you didn’t even know the rules, let alone how to get inside the game!

Well now you can because I’m making this exclusive material available to you. Go through it all at your heart’s content, watch the videos, make notes, ask questions, apply the information and material to a particular area of your professional career you want to advance in the most, and see what happens.

This Could Be The Most Eye-Opening, Career Changing and Life Altering Membership of Your Life


"Sohail's courses have provided me with the guidance and traction to hugely grow my earnings - in fact trebled my income over the past few weeks upon completion. This was due to the fact there's a formula that for me clarified core missing pieces. Most importantly, Sohail's courses helped me revise and reassess how I presented myself to my intended audience (the selling course), and gave me the tools I needed to make the difference (the excel course). For me this has been a real game changer and a catalyst. Don't hesitate to do both parts of the course."

- James Barton-Ginger (New Zealand)

"Hi Sohail, I'd like to take the opportunity to let you know how much your course is helping me. 

- Laura from Barcelona (Financial Controller)
A. Salem

"This course is excellent. The skills I have developed during the 6 weeks have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems in an Investment Banking environment. Unlike other courses, the tutorials are practical, to the point and are relevant to professions.

I would highly recommend this course."

- A. Salem from London (Investment Banking PMO Consultant)

"The further I go into this course, the more impressed I am with the quality. This is really exceptional stuff Sohail. Thank you for developing it. 

- Terry Soloman

This is an unprecedented opportunity for a small handful of Professionals like you to gain unrestricted access to this MBA equivalent Course where you’ll Master Excel & Advance Your Career... And… you’ll do it in much less time and spend way less money than you would in acquiring an MBA!”

As with any career or profession, there are the majority who’ll do things in the exact same way as the majority of others.

They go to the same places, read the same things, subscribe to the same websites and pretty much get the same results as everyone else is getting. It’s a competitive, dog eat dog environment.

And then…

There are the others.

Others who simply refuse to play the same game as everyone else is playing… because they know that the majority will always be playing an average game with average resources with average results.

You’re definitely not average. You’re not made to be performing in average roles, earning an average salary, working for average companies. That’s not you.

And, your investment in Excel Your Career is anything but average. It’s for an above average person. A better than above average person. It’s for you. You’re meant to rise.

Personally, I spent 10+ years amassing the very information you’re going to be exposed to. I invested tens of thousands of pounds in the process.

And when you consider an MBA takes around 2-3 years to complete, costing anything between 20k-50K+, my personal investment in myself over that period of time to acquire this specialised information, dwarfs the typical MBA cost.

However the great news for you is you don’t have to walk that same, expensive, trial and error path as I did.

That’s because I’ve condensed everything I know on the subject of knowing what specific professional Excel skills you need if you want to be perceived as a highly valued Excel Professional, as well as you acquiring the high level Career, interview and negotiating skills you need if you want to be the obvious chosen candidate for your next role, position or career move.


You do NOT need to have an encyclopaedic Excel brain to be a master Excel practitioner. You’ll find that out to be true once you’re inside the trainings)

You’re going to get a real MBA level training on those two very important subjects in a way you’ve never experienced before.

That’s because if you’ve been continually frustrated and confused in knowing what key Career and Excel skills you actually need to make a significant impact in your work roles and in the salary you can earn because of the conflicting information you‘ve received over the years… then you’re going to love the equivalent MBA level trainings I have for you on those subjects.

And the best thing about it all is the…

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

My commitment to you is to deliver an outstanding quality of practical and useful information, insight and content that’ll impact the quality levels of your Excel skills, will enhance your professional status and will help you increase the amount of money you’ll earn.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

“Your investment to the Excel Your Career is only £399. You decide if the training proves its value to you. You decide if you've received practical, constructive and tangible value for your investment. You decide if you’re more knowledgeable and more skilled as a professional from using this material than you were before your purchase. And if that does not occur for you as you go through the training material, please let me know and I will happily and cheerfully refund back to you every single penny you’ve invested”


I have to thank you so much again for all you've done for me. Just to let you know, I'm currently reviewing the entire course - it's my goal as I want to create a fresh resume so I can get another job!

- Paul Inyang

It feels wonderful to be back and learning from Sohail's videos! The lessons are so invaluable to what I want to be in the future. Thank you Sohail and team!

- Maria Josephine Galate

The more I learn about Excel, the happier I am for having chosen this course. Amazing job Sohail!

- Anca Tebrian

May I just say that I find value in all of your videos and emails. Your approach is refreshingly direct which helps to maximise online time.

- Shmuel Oluwa

I want to take the time to appreciate you for your good work in providing these lessons. In my honest opinion, this is pretty much the best concise tutorial on Excel I have ever come across.

- Abraham Dare



"I applied many of the skills I learnt through your excel course to automate many aspects of my work and it has been a hUGE help. My next step is to improve my VBA skills!"

- Kiran Arain 

"I can only say thank you a million times and the money is very well spent."

- Njagga Marong from London (Accountant)

Don't Invest Thousands

You can expect to pay thousands for such a private club where your professional skills, your salary and your status are at the very heart of the conversation. And even at that price, you’d still be ahead with your investment because it’s not possible that your income won’t increase by at least several thousand pounds… which is enough to cover your investment in this Private Excel Your Career membership, for decades!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can mastering Excel really change your professional life? I find that really hard to believe

What if I find I want private instructions or personal one-to-one coaching, is that possible?

Your material seems to be more expensive than others in the market. Why is that?

I find that I don't really contribute to Facebook groups and other type of interactions, so would I still benefit from the Excel Your Career Membership?

Why should I believe in your materials compared to others who are selling a similar kind of training?

I don’t know if I have the necessary time to go through your materials, should I invest?

How can I be sure that your trainings will work for me before I make the commitment to invest?

"Thanks Sohail. Simple and clear presentation but powerful".

- William Anglacer

"Thanks for these sessions, I'm finding them really useful as I am preparing for a PMO interview!"

- Isabelle Bezeng