Excel Your Career - Day 2

'How the right Excel Skills will help you to get a six figure salary'

Today there is a lot to cover, over 1 hour of material, so feel free to take notes as I will take this page down in a few days.

Usually, when people, books or courses discuss Excel, its just about teaching you the right skills.

I take a very different approach. It's all about setting the right context.

What is the point of learning Excel? Answers like 'because I need it for work' are not compelling, powerful and miss the bigger picture. If you have the right reasons and frame of mind, you will get good at Excel in a much quicker time frame.

While I will teach you some Excel skills today (an introduction to VBA), I want to first give you some powerful reasons to learn Excel and how to approach your learning.

  • This video explain how my Salary increased as my Excel Skills evolved
  • Why Skills correlate with Salary but there is more to it
  • What you need to be doing with your Skills to really translate them in to increased Salary

Now watch the video from my 'Excel Your Career' full course on what is Excel and what a professional should focus their learning and development on

What are VBA / Macros?

5 videos and over 40 minutes of material

  • The unique reason for learning VBA / Macros (Very very few people take advantage of this)
  • The only VBA topics a professional should focus on learning
  • Four part video course on VBA that will have you programming in minutes!

The following 4 video lessons are an introduction to VBA

Download the VBA Themes Roadmap pdf file