Excel MBA Day 2

How the right Excel skills can open doors and earn big salary

With 3 videos and over 35 minutes of material, here's what I'll be covering in this Lesson!

-The evolution of my career, salary and Excel. I'm sharing my actual salary numbers!

-A list of Excel oriented roles with an explanation of what each entails and salary expectations

-Why your Excel skills are a stepping stone to bigger things

Note on Accountants and Controllers: While they don't have to learn VBA / Macros to do their job, those who have done so, often do extremely well due to freeing up time on reporting/analysis/budget building to do other value add activities: such relationship building with other departments, looking for more cost saving opportunities and the best accountant/controllers get involved in vendor/contract renegotiation. These are great ways to re-purpose the time saved and build credibility with decision making execs who can open doors for you.

​See you tomorrow for Day 3 - The best formula for career success and the best Excel Formulas!