Excel for non-beginners- Day 6 - How to format with VBA, Excel Resume secrets & Choosing the right roles &  companies for success

What this lesson covers:

  • Formatting with VBA is crucial to automating reports where you need to make sure they look right otherwise you can waste time 'fixing' them
  • We will look at Controlling Fonts, Set Column WIdths, Colouring & Clearing Cells

How to effectively sell Excel Skills on your Resume/CV:

  • Real life before and after of a Resume transformed to powerfully sell your Excel skills
  • How to embellish the truth on your Job Titles when applying to new roles

How to choose the best companies that will give you a six figure salary

  • Some companies will position you for success more than others

The best roles that will give you a six figure salary

  • Why some Excel focused roles are better than others