Advanced Excel- Day 1 - Huge Benefits of learning VBA

First, let me tell you why Excel VBA is important for your career:

  • Should you learn VBA?
  • Some of the ways you will benefit from learning VBA
  • A powerful VBA example to demonstrate why you should strengthen you VBA skills
  • The biggest reason for learning VBA/Macros (very few professionals take advantage of this)

Now, say bye bye to Pivot tables with VBA!

  • In the first video on VBA, I will demonstrate the power of VBA by showing you how to replace Pivot tables with it
  • How going from Pivot Tables to the right formulas is a great move but going from formulas to VBA can be amazing for your productivity
  • How VBA speeds up the production of reports and dashboards from hours and minutes to seconds!
  • Why intermediate/experienced Excel users can learn the basics of VBA in minutes and become amazing in hours