Excel Skills for Career Progression

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Sohail Anwar is a Microsoft Excel Expert and Career Mentor to Professionals

Sohail Anwar, Microsoft Excel Expert and Career Mentor to Professionals

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I want to take the time to appreciate you and your excellent work in providing these lessons. In my honest opinion, this is pretty much the best and most concise tutorial on Excel that I have ever come across.

Abraham Dare
Zero to Excel Guru Student

Column 1

Wow, blown away. This course [zero to excel guru] has been structurally put together. I was carried along from the onset. There has been no regrets so far and this is turning out to be the BEST training I have come across. I can't wait for Week 1 of the course to begin, if this is only Week 0 - one can only imagine what lies ahead!

Olumide Olu-Agunbiade
Zero to Excel Guru Student

Thank you x100! I have been going through your most valuable Money Formulas book and have found it a real eye opener. I have come to realise that I know very little of the 27 formulas that you rank to be key. I've also realised why Ive wasted valuable time in the office, staying up till midnight, forcing me to resigning from my job - the reason was poor excel skills! Whilst looking for another job I found Earn and Excel and I feel I've been rescued!


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