Analyse data like the pros, build reports that execs love, learn VBA to save time, manage projects & get better jobs with our Excel Courses

Excel Your Career

Excel Your Career
  • Complete end to end training in Excel: from Beginner to Advanced to VBA skills
  • The only Excel course with the goal of getting promoted, unlocking career opportunities and adding £10,000s to your salary
  • Series of powerful solutions / templates to tweak, use at work or even use to demonstrate in interviews and get job offers
  • How to market your Excel, get career progression and promotions with your Excel skills
  • Secrets of LinkedIn for Analysts, Accountants, Project Managers etc with complete training from one of the best LinkedIn coaches in the world

Zero to Excel Expert

Zero to Excel Expert
  • Go from complete Beginner to Expert level with Excel: suitable for beginner/intermediate level Excel users
  • Key Formulas, Functions, Pivot Tables, Filtering, Sorting with real world examples
  • Learn the four major purpose of Excel for professionals: Find Data, Build rules with data, Dealing with text data and creating reports that Execs love

Excel VBA For Professionals

Excel VBA For Professionals
  • You will learn specifc Excel VBA/Macros skills that will speed up your work so your Analysis and Reporting can be achieved in seconds, not hours or days!
  • The curriculum and structure has been carefully developed by a very experienced professional with over a decade of delivering projects in big companies so you only focus on the most important skills
  • You will gain massive confidence with VBA/Macros from the first few minutes!
  • Suitable for complete VBA/Macros beginners and those with some experience

Excel for Project Management

Excel for project management
  • This is a complete end to end course taking you from complete beginner in Excel to doing advanced level VBA/Macros coding with a strong leaning in the learning to Project Management
  • Complete access to tweakable advanced Project Management / PMO templates such as milestone reporting, Gantt charts, resource management tools and many others
  • This is perfect for PMO’s , Project Managers and Analysts who rely heavily on Excel to complete their work and are looking for Microsoft Project and PPM tool alternatives
  • Many students go on to more lucrative Project Management/PMO/Analysts positions upon completion as the skills learned are very marketable