Analyse data like the pros, build reports that execs love, learn VBA to save time, manage projects & get better jobs with our Excel Courses

Beginner to Intermediate Excel

Progress from complete beginner to intermediate Excel in just 90 minutes


Introduction to VBA & Macros

Introduction VBA

With zero knowledge you will be writing VBA & Macros in under 90 minutes


Zero To Excel Expert

Analysis, Reports, Formulas, Formatting: When to do what. Everything in Excel you need to succeed in your work to very advanced levels (8+ hours)


VBA For Professionals

VBA is an incredibly powerful skill because it will free up enormous amounts of your time. Beginner to advanced in this course (11+ hours)


Excel Your Career Membership

Excel Your Career
  • Complete end to end training in Excel & VBA and growing content
  • 1 on 1 Skype time, Live Q & A webinars and Forum access to ask questions
  • Series of powerful solutions / templates to tweak, use at work or even use to demonstrate in interviews and get job offers
  • How to effectively position your Excel skills to get access to interesting work, get career progression and promotions
  • Secrets of LinkedIn for Analysts, Accountants, Project Managers etc with complete training from one of the best LinkedIn coaches in the world

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