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This Excel Function will make you a Better Project Manager

Now, for folks who work with Excel on a daily basis, you’ve been pushing cells and deleting sheets for a while now, your colleagues know you’re a clever dick (stop sniggering) and you’ve decided

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Why The Most Successful Professionals are like Snipers

Pretty much NO excuse required for me to quote from The Dark Knight movies… It’s a powerful quote during a a fight where Bane just toys with Batman and defeats him.  “You fight like a young man,

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Pretty Excel Charts

Why Pretty Excel Charts are Pretty Silly

I was 28 years old and working in Banking Operations at the Royal bank of Scotland, one of the biggest Banks in the world. We had some executives coming from the US and they wanted to discuss the progress

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How I used Excel to get a Wife

‘The joy of having great Excel skills is it makes for more interesting problem solving’. That’s what people obsessed with becoming Excel experts will say. Well, I used to think like that and

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Excel mastery from a Basketball legend

In 1980 a 19 year old African American boy in Oak Cliff, one of the poorest parts of Dallas Texas, bought a gun from a pawn shop and contemplated whether he should hold it to his head and

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8 things I do that have given me massive career progression

One of the most popular questions I get asked from people is how do I get ‘so’ much done. There’s my day job, the blog/newsletter, guiding my online and offline students, wrestling

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The hierarchy of investing in yourself

Stocks, shares, property, what to invest in? Choices, choices. My answer, forget about them. For now. They need to be low down the priority order because their returns are quite passive

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5 bases every Professional needs to have covered to progress

As I sat on a plane this morning and read over a hundred emails I have received in the last few days, I noticed there are a lot of ‘how should I…’ and ‘what should I’ type of questions

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