The Safest, Fastest and Easiest Way For You to Master Key Excel Fundamentals is Now Available to You (But only through this unadvertised letter)

Sohail Anwar: Author,
Senior Banking Professional and Excel Trainer

Dear Professional / Aspiring Professional

If you’ve closed your eyes for far too long about learning and Mastering Excel, then the great news for you is you’ll be shown how you can quickly master those elusive Key Excel fundamentals in such a short amount of time that it’ll have you zipping through this short course feeling like you’re a Pro… like someone who has been at this a long time.

Whether it's Excel formatting, using graphs and charts, ranges, data validation or even just simply navigating around an Excel worksheet that has turned you off from learning it, don't worry, I'm on your side and it's no t your fault that you've blocked this all out from your mind in the past.

Here's why:​

Now it could be that in the past you’ve been put off by the various Excel courses and teachers out there who are full of intellectual superiority so their materials just didn’t gel or connect with you…

Maybe you just automatically freeze at the thought of ‘learning Excel’ that you just shut yourself down and don’t want to know anymore…

Maybe you’ve lost all confidence and just don’t think that you’re able to get to grips with Excel…

Well, let me tell you something startling…

Learning Excel is EASY... and I'm going to prove it by putting my reputation 100% on the line here.

I’m Sohail Anwar and I’ve depended on knowing the ins and outs of practical workplace Excel to help me get fat paying six-figure contracts and roles, as well as the command and respect of all those I work with.

And that can happen for you, also.

However, first things first - you don’t yet need to know everything I know.

All you need to know to start off with are the key fundamentals.

And I’m going to teach them to you in a way no-one has taught them to you before.

I’m going to take you under my wing.

I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you through my short and quick Beginner to Intermediate Excel course.

Thank you for all the lessons! Not only am I enjoying them but I am learning A LOT

Celia Alves

Great stuff Sohail! You have made me fall IN LOVE with Excel.


And it’s short and quick for a reason.

I want you to master the core Excel fundamentals quickly so you get that winning feeling under your belt, sooner… rather than later… much much later.

Because once you get that winning feeling, you’ll wonder what all the negative thoughts you had about Excel were all about.

And you’ll quickly come to find out that it was your mind that was messing with you, that’s all. So now, because of mastering the fundamentals, you’ll be looking to leap to the next level in your learning.

And frankly, you don’t need anything more than my Beginner to Intermediate Excel course, a proven course that’ll have you mastering Excel fundamentals and getting you up to speed in a couple of weeks. (Days in fact, if you’re keen and excited)

I’ve Condensed The Core Excel Fundamentals Into a Series of Online Videos Lasting a Combined 90-Minutes of Killer Excel Trainings

The Beginner to Intermediate Excel Course is a prerequisite course to my lengthier Beginners to Advanced Excel training.

I’ve broken down the  course into a simple portfolio of training videos and instructions for you.

  • The shortest video is 1 minute and 51 seconds
  • The longest video is only 9 minutes and 43 seconds

Again, the reason for keeping these instructional videos short (some, super-short) is because of ensuring that you don’t get overwhelmed or confused with too many ideas, concepts, theories or strategies… all coming at you all at once.

The course has been specifically designed to help you master the key fundamentals, and that too, in a logical and measured way so you have time to learn, love and repeat what you’re doing.

You’ll Get Immediate Access to the Course Trainings

There's no need to wait around for your course. It's ready to be accessed the moment YOU are ready. 

Your training materials have been put behind a secure place on my website. You'll get immediate access to the main dashboard where you'll be able to access your training videos and materials.

I got promoted last month! I applied many of the skills I learnt through your Excel course to automate many aspects of my work and it has been a huge help. My next step is to improve my VBA skills.

Kiran Arain

Here's what's important about the Beginner to Intermediate Excel Course

  • You won't be bored, you won't find it hard and you won't think that the course is a waste of time
  • You don't have to have had any previous Excel knowledge to benefit
  • The course has been created by a six figure professional who uses Excel strategies every day in his work role
  • You'll only be taught Excel that WORKS, in your day-to-day work role
  • You'll gain more confidence in yourself and you'll feel more self-assured
  • The short and sweet Excel training videos are delivered in a clean, clear and easy to grasp way
  • You'll feel more at ease when talking to colleagues on Excel matters because of mastering the core material in this course
  • It's not a course for you if you are already a super confident, super skilled Professional who is already using advanced Excel skills 

£9 is All You Pay


You can get this Beginner to Intermediate Excel course for the incredibly low price of £9.00

And as you won’t see this course being publicly advertised anywhere on my website, this is the best (and only) time to get your hands on this course.

I repeat, £9.00 is all you need to pay to get yourself to a Fundamental Excel level that could lead on to bigger things for you in the coming months.

And yet…

Even this low priced course is... GUARANTEED!

Go through my combined 90 minutes of Online Excel video training that has been carefully broken down into a number of bite-sized video instructions which you can easily follow, digest and use. My promise is, by the end of the course, you'll be much more confident, much more self-assured, and much more excited about learning Excel and about your future possibilities

Frankly, if you go through the course and don't believe you experienced all of the above, then simply let me know and I'll happily return your £9.

I know how valuable knowing about Excel has been for me in my career.

I know how valuable it's been for the many thousands of professionals in various disciplines (accountants, PMO's, analysts etc) in many countries (list them) who have subscribed to my website, have read my materials, and have bought my courses. 

Don't envy them. Instead, you can join them today by enrolling in my Beginner to Intermediate Excel course.

Just some of the companies where our students have worked... and YOU can too - as soon as you upgrade your excel skills.

I want to thank you for your online lessons. I was pleasantly surprised by what a gifted teacher you are! You cannot imagine how happy I am with your courses! Thank you!


I look forward to training you,

Sohail Anwar

P.S Many working professionals still struggle with Excel, even after spending years in their jobs. If only they could get this course, their lives would change. I mean that. Literally.

Don't be caught out y the new way of professionals who are looking to make their mark on the workplace. Take it from me. They'll do all they can to master the skills that'll give them that advantage in the marketplace. And yes, mastering Excel is one of those skills.

Don't leave this course as being just a thought in your mind.

Buy it. Use it and watch your life get better and better in all kinds of ways.