Advanced Excel: Lesson 1

How VBA skills changed my life in a big way

What this introduction covers:

  • Some points to note for the lessons over the next few days
  • Why we are going to ignore a lot of 'jargon' and technical speak!
  • How to access the VBA part of Excel (the code editor!)

What you'll learn in today's lesson:

  • Learn using my side by side method which will make it very easy to learn
  • How Excel makes it easier for us to do VBA
  • The two ways to automatically put info into cells
  • How to copy and paste with VBA code

What this lesson covers;

  • Formatting the VBA is crucial to automating reports where you need to make sure they look right otherwise you can waste time 'fixing' them
  • We will look at Controlling Fonts, Set Column Widths, Colouring & Clearing Cells

"Sohail's courses are AMAZING because they cut to the chase! He saves you time on learning things you rarely use and keeps you focused on the essentials!"