Hi, I'm Sohail Anwar.

Microsoft Excel expert and mentor to professionals. My mission is to help you become so good at Excel, that companies will beg YOU to work with them.

This blog is about all the effective ways YOU can increase your salary and improve your Excel skills. Don't be mistaken Excel skills and salary go hand in hand. It's for experienced folks all the way to fresh faced students. But what qualifies me to talk about this?    Well, allow me to tell you about my story so far...


I was born and bred in inner city East London, in the last days of the 70’s and raised by a single (immigrant) mother. Cue sob story. I used Hip Hop, Sports and a love of Mathematics as an escape. I was a good student in school but lost my passion for learning at university. I failed a few years, got kicked out of one of the best universities in the world (Imperial College, for you nosey folks), eventually finished my Engineering degree at King’s College London and graduated with a 2.2 (below 3.0 GPA). I hid this ‘shame’ for years and it shot my confidence. Little did I know that my epic fail at university would turn out to be a blessing in disguise, it forced me to find alternative ways into success, and quite frankly, it was the best damn thing that could ever have happened to me.

Post graduation was a depressing time, to put it lightly. I watched many of my friends launching their careers and earning ‘mighty’ £25k-40k salaries, whilst I was doing lowly temp jobs for barely over minimum wage. Things soon changed when I decided to ask a very successful family friend to mentor me.

A few Rocky montages later, I ‘blagged’ my first proper job as a Business Analyst in the non-profit sector where I was earning £27K. Within 2.5 years of leaving that job, I was earning over £100k.

I increased my salary by a factor of 7 in 7 YEARS to eventually earn £196k in my current role as an Executive in Banking. Check out the summary of my career journey in this very sexy graphic.


  • Begged amazing people to mentor me, observed them AND asked silly questions (the BEST questions are the silly ones)
  • Made small but significant shifts in my psychology and taught myself to deserve success
  • Realised that you should not be an employee, instead be in the 'YOU' business
  • Became awesome at Excel and realised I only needed to know the right 10% of it
  • Applied to hundreds of jobs, recognised successful patterns (and unsuccessful!) on my way to getting 23 job offers in 8 years
  • Started focusing on the right things and getting MORE done in LESS time
  • Learned the art of opening doors by selling myself correctly
  • Invested in MYSELF through workshops, attending courses and one on one time with industry experts
  • Realised that most qualifications and certifications are a complete con and detract from meaningful development
  • Recognised that money as a motivator or success metric is the QUICKEST route to dissatisfaction and depression, focusing on improving the right qualities makes good stuff happen


At aged 16 I began tutoring children in Mathematics and ever since then, I caught the teaching bug. Helping others to achieve success became addictive to me. The love of passing things on has held me nicely in my all time favourite role as a dad to my two boys!

Several years ago, I began to mentor other professionals. At first they were friends and colleagues, some excel skills here and re-writing a CV there. Soon enough word spread about the results I was getting for people and suddenly I began building a large client base. At first I was dispensing all my advice for FREE, and I soon found out that people would simply sit on the advice and make ZERO changes. I found this really frustrating, I was giving up 30-40 hours of my precious time a week – ON TOP of my own work, to HELP others. My mentor at the time suggested I begin charging people, and so (reluctantly) I did. The effect this had was very POWERFUL. I found that the psychological mind-set of the people I was coaching had changed as they were now INVESTING in themselves.

Those who were prepared to invest themselves became very serious about implementing my advice and with great effect.

Last year, I couldn't keep up with the demands of coaching, work AND being a family man (always my first priority). So, I decided to take the BEST of what I knew about Careers, Excel, Skills, Psychology and began to write about them. I wrote my first book '20 Ways you are preventing your Salary from Rising' on the subject of managing your career which has been read by over 20,000 people,  and then my second book 'The only 27 Excel Formulas a professional needs to succeed' and voila! Earn and Excel was born. After significant demand, I spent over a year translating my knowledge into A number of online video courses aimed at rapidly improving Real World Excel skills and showing professionals how to the kind of huge career progression that I have gotten:

The ONLY Excel course specifically designed for professionals to go from to beginner to Excel Guru to VBA Master in just  six weeks. This is my most intense and demanding course but incredibly rewarding. My method of teaching revolves around giving you skills that you can use immediately at work

Go from complete beginner in Excel to very advanced in a short space of time in a real world context. Learn ways to rapidly solve the most complex Excel problems.

If you are already very good at Excel then the next crucial step is to master VBA/Macros. This course will do that for you rapidly, again in a real world context where you will learn things that can be applies the very next day at work

A never before done, end to end system, that covers EVERYTHING a professional needs to manage their career successfully. 

Since I am all about environment, I am very careful who I let enroll on to my courses. That's why my courses aren't publicly available. The BEST way to get started is to SIGN UP to my email list



Thank you so much for sending this through! Some of the points Ive had mentors say to me or I have learnt the hard way and there are some new points too. I LOVE everything you have written - thank you. 

M. Santucci

This is GREAT stuff. I think you're doing a fantastic job of describing how to navigate the modern day job market as an analyst. I will definitely be keeping these concepts and ideas in mind as I continue my career. I would love to know of any similar content you may have to share.


I have found this course very interesting and valuable. I wasn't an Excel novice, but had poor skills in automation and VBA. After this course I discovered a new, very productive way of doing things. Googling cannot help you so much, and to learn important stuff i.e. data validation autofiltering automation, PowerPoint control, array formulas, vlookup etc. you need a mentor, and this course is what you need. Even if the 20-80 rule is followed, there are so many things to learn and to try on your own, so a pretty amount of time should be invested, but you will gain a lot in return.

Now I have automated a high portion of my job and still go ahead with VBA coding and arrays... a new world. Thanks a lot, great job!

A. SaleemPMO Consultant in Investment Management

The course is excellent. The skills I have developed during the 6 weeks have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems in an Investment Banking environment. Unlike other courses, the tutorials are practical, to the point and are relevant to professionals. I would highly recommend this course.

Jim Barton Ginger

Sohail’s courses have provided me with the guidance and traction to hugely grow my earnings – in fact trebled my income over the past few weeks upon completion. This was due to the fact there’s a formula that for me clarified core missing pieces. Most importantly, Sohail’s courses helped me revise and reassess how I presented myself to my intended audience (the selling course), and gave me the tools I needed to make the difference (the excel course). For me this has been a real game changer and a catalyst. Don’t hesitate to do both parts of the course.

Olumide Olu-Agunbiade

Wow, blown away. This has been structurally put together. I was carried along from the onset. There has been no regrets so far. This is turning out to be the best training I have come across. I can’t wait for the Week 1 of the course to begin, if this is only week 0, one can only imagine what lies ahead. Well done Sohail.

Andre Goodman

Hey Sohail. Thanks, this is great delivery so far. The last few videos from 19 onwards were invaluable. i’m very pleased and am eagerly looking forward to the next session.

Abraham Dare

I want to take time to appreciate you for your good works providing this lessons. In my honest opinion this is pretty much the best concise tutorial on excel that I have come across.

Tracy Wainman

Really enjoy your teaching style, quick and to-the-point! Who has time for all the fluff?



Founder and CEO of Earn and Excel