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Hey, I'm Sohail Anwar

Founder of Earn and Excel.

Sohail Anwar is a Microsoft Excel Expert and Career Mentor

This website is home to my blog where I share with YOU, everything I have done to go from earning a £27k to £100k+ salary.

This blog is about all the effective ways YOU can increase your salary and improve your excel skills. It's for experienced folks all the way to fresh faced students. But what qualifies me to talk about this? Well, allow me to tell you about my story so far...


I was born and bred in inner city East London, in the last days of the 70’s and raised by a single (immigrant) mother. Cue sob story. I used Hip Hop, Sports and a love of Mathematics as an escape. I was a good student in school but lost my passion for learning at university. I failed a few years, got kicked out of one of the best universities in the world (Imperial College, for you nosey folks), eventually finished my Engineering degree at King’s College London and graduated with a 2.2 (below 3.0 GPA). I hid this ‘shame’ for years and it shot my confidence. Little did I know that my epic fail at university would turn out to be a blessing in disguise, it forced me to find alternative ways into success, and quite frankly, it was the best damn thing that could ever have happened to me.

Post graduation was a depressing time, to put it lightly. I watched many of my friends launching their careers and earning ‘mighty’ £25k-40k salaries, whilst I was doing lowly temp jobs for barely over minimum wage. Things soon changed when I decided to ask a very successful family friend to mentor me.

A few Rocky montages later, I ‘blagged’ my first proper job as a Business Analyst in the non-profit sector where I was earning £27K. Within 2.5 years of leaving that job, I was earning over £100k.

I increased my salary by a factor of 7 in 7 YEARS to eventually earn £196k in my current role as an Executive in Banking. Check out the summary of my career journey in this very sexy graphic.

Sohail Salary Progression


  • Begged amazing people to mentor me, observed them AND asked silly questions (the BEST questions are the silly ones)
  • Made small but significant shifts in my psychology and taught myself to deserve success
  • Realised that you should not be an employee, instead be in the 'YOU' business
  • Became awesome at Excel and realised I only needed to know the right 10% of it
  • Applied to hundreds of jobs, recognised successful patterns (and unsuccessful!) on my way to getting 23 job offers in 10 years
  • Started focusing on the right things and getting MORE done in LESS time
  • Learned the art of opening doors by selling myself correctly
  • Invested in MYSELF through workshops, attending courses and one on one time with industry experts
  • Realised that most qualifications and certifications are a complete con and detract from meaningful development
  • Recognised that money as a motivator or success metric is the QUICKEST route to dissatisfaction and depression, focusing on improving the right qualities makes good stuff happen