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I'm Jason Dawson

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I’m from London, UK, dad of three and a senior professional. ​I’ve been working in Financial Services for over 12 years and Excel has played a huge part in my journey.

This blog is about helping you, the professional get the most out of Excel for your work and career so you can earn more respect from your colleagues, learn to add  value to your company and ultimately earn a greater salary/income.

Beware of generic Excel advice

I’ve been told that I am a contrarian, because my advice and guidance on using Excel is very different to most on the internet. But in the real world, I’m not a contrarian, it’s just that the internet is full of generic advice dispensed by highly unqualified people.

What qualifies me?

​Well, feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile (and connect) and you will see that I have developed a career delivering big projects in some of the biggest Global organisations in the world. They hired me, promoted me and rewarded me repeatedly because I have a track record of delivering. Excel has been instrumental in helping me deliver great work, hence I make a point of extolling it's virtues and teaching it.

So tell me some of your ‘contrarian’ advice

Here’s a few…

  • Thinking of Excel as a Spreadsheet will hurt your career, it’s a problem solving and time saving tool that does a great job of Analysis and Reporting.
  • You don’t need Pivot Tables. In the last decade, I’ve used Pivot Tables about 5 times.They’re not bad, I’m not saying stop using them if you do. You just don’t ‘need’ them.
  • As much as I love Excel, 80% of it’s functionality is a waste of time for corporate professionals. Its far better to go deep on the useful 20%. What is the 20% you ask? Well, read the blog and sign up to my e-mails and all will be revealed.

And lots more…

How did I get good at Excel?

I learned from trial and error, courses, books and mentors, my advice is to make sure you are doing the same. However good mentors can accelerate your progress, so stick around and subscribe as I share my best and most unsolicited advice and tips to my e-mail subscribers.

How can you get better at Excel?

If you want to really get your Excel Skills in order then read through the blog​​​​

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