#1 Reason to Learn Excel



Capitalism, from which we all benefit from, did not come to life until the Second Industrial Revolution in the mid-19th Century. At the heart of it was the development of Steel and Electricity into machines that tremendously enhanced our ability to Manufacture.
So what has that got to do with Excel? Exactly what I promised yesterday…
The #1 Reason to learn Excel…Drum Roll…
That’s it, and it’s the topic of this video I have for you.
Better manufacturing developed our economies since we were producing more goods in the same time frame, or we were saving time.
Going back to Excel.
Now when I tell people that, often they challenge me back and say “Sorry Sohail, I disagree, maybe for you, but for me, the number reason to learn Excel is to do my work! So I can do my reports, my analysis, my VLookups, my Pivot Tables, blah blah blah”.
They’re so wrong and I’m about explain why, this is an eye opener for most people, so prick your ears as I drop a rare insight.
Now I don’t want you to feel that I am TELLING you what to think or do…but…
In some ways I am.
Gasp! How dare I tell you what to think?
Here’s why.
I’ve been using Excel for well over a decade in the biggest and best global organisations and so I learned a thing or two (or everything) about how to get the most out of Excel.
When you ‘carry out your duties’ like the good employee you are with Excel, you are getting by and the work will get done only if you put the effort in. Now, that’s okay for a short while but I want you to think bigger.
Much bigger.
Stop looking at Excel as something that will allow you to do the same work day after day.
Just stop it. Really, please.
Now there’s a big secret I want to let you in on…come closer…
Professionals who work with Excel are in a very unique position. Yes that’s all professionals, whether Analyst, Accountant, Controller, PMO etc.
This unique position is as follows:
Excel allows us to AUTOMATE our work, meaning we can set things up and it will get done automatically, in a fraction of the time. I’m talking about ANYTHING you do in Excel:
• Analysis, yes even difficult complex analysis
• Reports and Dashboards, yes even fancy schmancy ones
Anything in Excel can be automated…
IF you have the right skills.
The smartest 1% of professionals realise this and develop the right Excel skills to automate their work.
This 1% thinking is like the Industrialists, who were focused on saving time in manufacturing in order to produce more and beat out the competition who weren’t automating.
Like the Industrialists who dominated business and the world, we need to think big, we need to think strategically on what we can do to save time so we can ultimately get more done and be more successful.