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The #1 Cure For Your Career

I read a fascinating study about therapists on Pub Med (the journal of medical research available to the public).

The no.1 success criterion for a patient receiving therapy is not the medicine, the therapy techniques or application of research.

It’s the therapist themselves. Specifically, how empathetic a therapist is.

Empathy is the art of knowing what someone is going through. The more empathetic a therapist was, the more likely the patient was to recover. There is other research on how the best drug rehab counsellors were former drug addicts themselves. Only they could truly understand the depths of the journey to recovery.

Okay, so why am I killing your buzz with all this whack chat about drugs and rehab? Yikes!

Well, as you know, I teach Excel, but as far as I know, no one offering Excel training on the interwebs has my background as a professional. Oh, I’ve done a few jobs some biggish organisations, got a few promotions and then what?

I’m still doing it! I’m still a professional; I still go in to work and consult in Banks. Check me on LinkedIn for what I’m up to.

But know this, if upping your Excel game is a priority, which frankly it SHOULD be if you want to realise your career potential then my background gives me all the empathy needed to be your mentor along the journey.

My students get to tap in to my knowledge and ask me all kinds of weird and wonderful questions about their careers as well as Excel.

Sohail Anwar

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